10 Fun Ways to Use the Money from Selling Your Unwanted Gift Card | EJ Gift Cards

Getting a gift card from a place you don’t like or a service you don’t use can be kind of a bummer. But it doesn’t have to be. You can trade it in and get money to your PayPal account to use in a variety of different ways.

If it’s been months and you still have the same gift card wasting away in your wallet, chances are you won’t end up using it. Nobody wins in that scenario, so let’s get the most out of that card and do something fun and out of the ordinary, something that you will never forget.

Let’s have some fun with that gift card money, that’s what it was designed for in the first place!

Go on a Date Night

If it’s been awhile since you and your sweetheart have gone on a date with each other it is high time to fix that and go out for a night on the town. The money you get from your gift card can be used to treat the two of you to dinner and a movie if you want to go the classic route, or you can try eating at a restaurant you’ve never been to before.

If you were always more budget-conscious in the past when you went on date nights, your gift card money could be the push that allows you to have more fun or go to a fancier restaurant than you normally would go to.

One other option is to take someone out that you might not normally take out. For example, your mother. She will feel really special, and she never has to know that you are using your gift card money to make it happen. Bonus points if the gift card came from her.

Go to a Casino

Playing with house money is a sure way to have fun in a casino! If you look at the money you get from your gift card as money that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to use, you bring a positive energy to it instead of worrying if you’re going to lose it or not. Don’t be surprised if this makes it so Lady Luck is on your side. Play the table games that you normally avoid because they are too intimidating. Put it all on the roulette wheel and see if you can double your money.

At the very least you will have a great time and feel the rush of putting money on the line. And maybe if you’re lucky you’ll beat the house and walk away with more cash in your pocket than when you walked in.

And if you are really lucky you might end up earning comps from the casino for free dinners and even a free hotel room for the night. While it is a longshot, the chance to turn that gift card money into a gift that really keeps on giving and giving is worth rolling the dice for.

Spoil Your Pet

One thing is for certain, pets bring more joy to their owners than just about anything else. If you’ve been neglecting your furry friend in recent weeks, take that gift card money and get them a new toy to play with, or get them groomed. You’ll benefit from seeing all the fun they’re having, and basking in the love they’ll show you for the new items you get them.

Some of the best dog toys are those really durable chew toys that dogs just love, the ones that have the treat inside and only expel it when the dog knocks it around enough. If you go this route, be sure that you check to make sure that other dog owners have said it stands up to a good chewing.

For cats, anything that is infused with catnip is a good choice. They have mouse toys and ping pong balls that will spin around in a circle that most cats find irresistible., especially when they get a blast of catnip when they play with it.

If you don’t have a pet, you could use the money from your gift card to help get one. It could be the catalyst you needed to finally make the decision to care for a pet. The best things in life are furry, so use this opportunity to get yourself an adorable little kitten or puppy and you’ll never regret it.

Accessorize Your Car

Show your car some love with a new accessory or two, or get it detailed so it looks like new. With all the time we spend in our cars these days, it’s always a good idea to jazz it up so we have more fun while we drive. Perhaps a pair of fuzzy dice or a new smartphone holder will make your drive better.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade that car stereo of yours. One fun upgrade is a car stereo that gets satellite radio. This will allow you to rock out to your favorite channels without any commercials and is especially useful on long road trips when you end up scanning through a bunch of static and talk radio.

Or maybe you can go the safety route and get a roadside assistance kit so that if anything should ever happen to you you won’t be stranded on the side of the road. It’s definitely no fun when you are stuck without any resources. Having an emergency kit could mean the difference between a bad night and a good night.

Start a Vacation Fund

Vacation Fund

Vacations are the epitome of fun, so using your gift card money to kickstart a vacation fund is a great way to spend it. You can use it to save for a vacation you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford without planning and saving ahead of time.

And when it comes to vacations be sure to book early, as psychology has shown that even the anticipation of a vacation in the future is enough to make us feel good right now. The further out you book your trip the longer you’ll have to get excited for it.

Some of the best vacation destinations are ones with all inclusive resorts. If you’re going to save up for a vacation, you should consider going to one of these because it is a whole lot of fun to go to your choice of restaurants and seeing no prices on the menus.

Try Something New

You can use that gift card money to do something out of the ordinary that you haven’t done before, and wouldn’t usually think about doing unless you had some extra cash. Activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, or other daredevil feats are good options.

Not only are these activities something you will never forget, they are also something that you’ve maybe been putting off because of the price.  Just like with skydiving perhaps you just needed a little shove in order to make it happen, and that gift card money can be just the thing.

If you’re not feeling the need for an adrenaline rush, trying something new could be as simple as going to a new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, but weren’t sure if you would like the food or not. Maybe it’s something a little exotic for you, or something you wouldn’t eat everyday. Go on and try it!

Go Bowling

When was the last time you went bowling? Bowling is always fun and all you need is one other person to make it an event. Of course, if you get a decent-sized group together you can have even more fun, with multiple lanes and even teams. No matter which card you trade in for cash, you should have enough to rent a lane or two and a pair of shoes.

One of the best times to go bowling is at night when they have glow bowling. They will turn the lights off in the bowling alley and turn on the black lights so everything lights up with neon. They’ll also play some pretty cool music that is great to bowl to, and everyone ends up having more fun.

If you pick the right time to go bowling you might run into a special that allows you to rent the lanes for a reduced price. That way when you invite people to go bowling with you, you can tell them that the lanes are on you and all they have to do is rent some shoes.

Get That Clothing Item You’ve Been Eyeing

We all have that one piece of clothing that we’ve had our eye on for some time now, but just can’t pull the trigger on a purchase. Maybe it’s a little out of your price range when it comes to clothing, or maybe you just can’t justify spending that much on one piece of clothing. Either way, once you have an extra $50 to $100 in your pocket it may suddenly be something to consider.

Another fun activity is to walk through the mall with extra cash in your pocket. Your mind will race as you walk past all the shops and think of all of the things that money could buy. You don’t have to buy the first thing that you see, but once you make a pass through the whole mall you will have a pretty good idea of what is speaking to you.

If the timing is right, you can sometimes catch a really great sale which will help your money go even further. Whether it’s back to school or just an end-of-the-season sale sometimes you can find things that are buy one get one free or even just marked down 70% or more.

Splurge at Your Favorite Restaurant

If you always go to your favorite restaurant each week but avoid getting an appetizer because It seems like splurging, now is the time to pick out a starter or two and have at it.  Or maybe you’ve always wanted to enjoy an adult beverage before your meal but felt that would be too much.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to try one of their delectable desserts, but you couldn’t get past the fact that it would just add to your bill. Go ahead and have dessert, even if you did have an appetizer before your meal. It’s guaranteed to be a meal you won’t soon forget, and you will owe it all to trading in your unwanted gift card for some real money.

There’s just something about going to a restaurant and not worrying about the final total of the bill that makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Everytime you go back to your favorite restaurant after that, you will remember the time you went all out.

Make a Donation

OK, maybe it’s not the funnest thing on our list, but it will give you those warm fuzzy feelings and it’s always good to do good for others.

The great thing about making a donation is that you can choose the charity you donate to and make it something that is close to your heart. There are plenty of charity websites that will tell you which ones use the money most efficiently, as well as which ones have the least fiscal waste.

It’s nice knowing that your money is going to a good cause, and one that you’ve chosen. It definitely beats the feeling of having an unused gift card in your wallet, and if you’re doing something like providing clean water to those that have none, or providing education to those in impoverished conditions, you’ll walk around feeling great, with a new perspective on life.

We Can Help Make It Possible

We make the process of selling your unwanted gift card really easy. You simply enter your card type and card value and we’ll show you how much you can get for it. From there it’s just a matter of signing into the site, entering your payment details and gift card data, and then waiting for your Paypal payment.