5 Ways to Spend Leftover Gift Card Money | EJ Gift Cards

If you have leftover gift card exchange money, you’re likely wondering how to spend it. Fortunately, there are many ways to zero out your balances without too much time, effort, or stress. Whether you received the gift cards from a friend or family member, or they were given to you at a work or promotional event, these simple tricks will help you use your gift cards quickly and easily.

Leftover Gift Card Exchange Money? Follow These 5 Tips

A gift card is no good if it doesn’t get used. Follow these five tips to zero out your balance and ensure your gift cards don’t go to waste.

1. Know how much money is on each gift card

If you have gift cards leftover, the first step to using them is to understand how much money is on each one. As a general rule, you can check your balances on the gift card issuer’s website (for example, if you have a Target gift card, you can likely check your balance on the Target website).

While it may seem silly, not knowing how much of a balance you have on a gift card can make it less likely that you’ll actually use the gift card. Once you understand how much of a balance you have on your gift cards, you can decide how best to use them. To ensure you don’t forget your balances, write them down and keep them in a safe place after you check them.

2. Determine where your gift cards can supplement your spending habits

If you have a gift card to a store you don’t often shop at, consider whether or not that gift card can be used to supplement your typical spending habits. For example, if you have a gift card to Walmart, but you don’t typically shop there, consider whether you can use the gift card to purchase home goods, groceries, or cleaning supplies at Walmart. If so, you can save money by using your gift card to fulfill your daily or weekly shopping needs.

3. See whether you can convert your gift cards into cash or other gift cards

While many consumers don’t realize that this is a possibility, one of the smartest ways to use your gift card exchange balance is to find a service that converts them into cash or other gift cards. In addition to making it easier to use your gift cards, this also ensures that you’re getting the gift card you want, rather than one you’ll never use. In this way, a simple exchange can go a long way toward ensuring your gift card balances are as useful and exciting as possible.

4. Give your gift cards to family and friends

If you have family and friends who would use your gift cards, consider re-gifting them. In addition to being an easy way to use up gift card exchange balances, this is also a kind and simple way to provide the people you love with a small gift and ensure that they’re getting exactly what they need from the stores they love.

5. Use the gift card balance to purchase gifts for loved ones

Have a holiday or birthday coming up? Evaluate your gift cards to determine whether there’s a way to use the balances on each of them to purchase gifts for your friends and family members. In addition to saving you money, this is also a great way to branch out with your gift buying and ensure that you’re not forgetting any of your loved ones on upcoming holidays, birthdays, or special events.

Gift Card Exchange Balances Serve Many Purposes

While few people know how to get rid of their gift card exchange balances, these five simple tips can make it easy to use up leftover gift card money without wracking your brain or getting into a tight position. Whether you received gift cards for a birthday, holiday, or promotional event, not using them is a major waste!

Luckily, by knowing your gift card balance, determining when and where your gift cards can supplement your spending habits, finding out how to turn your gift cards into other gift cards or cash, giving your gift cards to family or friends, or even using your gift card balances to purchase gifts for your loved ones, you can ensure that your gift card balances aren’t going to waste, and that you’re getting the most possible use out of each of your gift cards.