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2017 is upon is and many people are looking for ways to trade their gift cards for more useful items. While some people love getting gift cards as presents, not all are created equal. In 2017, you have dozens of options to trade gift cards, both online and in-person. If you’re looking for a way to get more value from your unused card, check out these simple options:

Trade Gift Cards Today with These Smart Options

Whether you want cash in hand or simply another gift card in return, here’s what’s available to you in the world of gift card trade:

1. Online trading

Online trading is by far the most common form of gift card trade. With dozens of online sites dedicated specifically to helping people trade their gift cards in and get cash or other cards back in return, you can rest assured that this option is safe, secure, and fast.

What’s more, it offers a much higher payout than some of the other ways to trade gift cards. If you’re interested in finding an online merchant to trade your card for you, visit our sales page at EJ Gift Cards or do a quick Google search to learn more about your options.

2. Classified ad trading

While it’s an old-school approach, classified ad trading can be a smart decision for anyone who wants to take a longer approach to gift card trading. If this sounds like you, your options include either listing the gift card in your local newspaper’s classified ads or using an online classified service like Craigslist to get rid of the card.

While you’ll likely get more money for your card in this approach than you would if you sold or traded it online, you’ll also need to keep in mind that this tactic can put you at risk of theft or scams since there’s little to no vetting involved with selecting a buyer.

3. In-person trading

One of the easiest trading methods (and one that people often undertake) is in-person trading. During an in-person trade, an individual finds a friend or family member who also has an unwanted gift card and arranges a swap. Simple and straightforward, this approach ensures everyone gets what they want and carries minimal risk of theft or dishonesty in the process.

4. Online auction site sales

While it’s not a direct trade, one route people take to get rid of their gift cards is to sell them on online auction sites like eBay. When the gift card sells, you’ll have to ship it to its new buyer and wait for the money to be delivered via PayPal. Once it is, you can use it to purchase a new gift card of your choice. While eBay offers both buyer and seller protections, this approach is more involved than trading the gift card directly or finding a reputable online exchange service to do it for you.

5. OfferUp

OfferUp is a new app that many people are using to get rid of unwanted items, including gift cards. Easy to navigate and entirely user-friendly, this site makes getting money for your card easy and simple.

6. In-store kiosks

One of the newest trends in the gift card exchange industry is in-store kiosks. These kiosks, designed to allow shoppers to exchange gift cards in places like Walmart and Target are straightforward and easy to use. The only downside is that their list of cooperating merchants can be limited, and the exchange value of your card might be less than you had hoped.

7. Amazon

In some cases, Amazon allows users to trade in gift cards for either store credit or other items. Exceptions apply, however, so it’s smart to do your research before you choose this method.

Trade Gift Cards with EJ Gift Cards

Anyone who has ever sold gift cards before will tell you that the easiest way to do it is simply to find a reputable online merchant to help you. At EJ Gift Cards, we specialize in gift card sales and exchange, and we’re happy to walk you through the process of trading gift cards and finding something you’d prefer, instead.

Whether that’s cash or a gift card to one of your favorite retailers, we’re here to make the process make sense. Just give us a call or visit our sales page today to learn more.