Selling gift cards can help with unexpected expenses | EJ Gift Cards

How long has it been since life went according to plan?

About an hour, right? You’re not alone.

We all go through almost daily occurrences of changed plans. From having to take a different route to work due to construction on your usual road to the coffee shop being out of your favorite roast, small issues get in the way of our plans all the time.

Usually, the smaller issues feel like just that—small. They are minor troubles that we’ve forgotten about by the end of the day, and they usually don’t cost us anything.

But what about those major unexpected happenings?

It might be the person who rear ends your car on the way to work or the doctor’s visit that adds up, arriving in your mailbox as an ominous bill. Maybe it’s a plane ticket for a funeral or a stolen laptop when you left it in your car. All of these occurrences happen more often than we’d like, and they always leave us in the lurch.

The problem? All of these, and many others, cost us. We have to dive into savings or adjust our budgets in order to compensate for our expenses. Often, our monthly budgets have every cent accounted for. So what do we do when the unexpected comes up?

Getting creative, we look for other solutions to our financial needs. That’s where selling gift cards online comes in. To sell gift cards online for instant payment, we need only to dig out any old, unused cards and trade them in for cash. With the extra money you’ll gain, you’ll have a cushion for these many unexpected events. Here are a few to keep in mind as you prepare.

Sell Gift Cards Online to Combat Car Trouble

It can happen in an instant—you notice your car’s air conditioning isn’t working as well as it used to. Perhaps your tire picks up a nail in the road. You might even just need a thorough oil change. Any of these simple issues can turn into expensive repairs quickly.

The tough part isn’t getting the car fixed; it’s finding the funds to cover it. We often don’t have a large enough reserve of funding for these unexpected needs; all too often we simply hope they won’t be needed. But soon enough, something will end up going wrong when it comes to transportation.

Selling gift cards online for instant payment can be an easy solution to covering some of those car repair payments. The money you gain from unused gift cards can appear in your account the same day you go through the easy online process. This way, you can pay bills in a timely manner, and you will have turned something you weren’t using into a needed, usable fund.

Bridge the Gap Between Jobs

On occasion, a job change will come at us unexpectedly. Whether the need to leave arises and you resign quickly or your position is eliminated, the need to bridge the gap between jobs is a problem many people face at some point in their lives. Ideally, a good savings account will help, but the budget will be tight.

That’s where creativity comes in. In times like unemployment, it is crucial to use all your available resources in order to make ends meet. All it takes is a quick look at what might be hiding in your wallet or junk drawer. If you find unused gift cards there, sell them online for instant cash!

The best part is that you weren’t using them anyway, so it will not truly feel like a trade. Unless the card will be immediately useful, trade it for cash that can be used on anything instead of a specific product or service.

Cover Unexpected Doctor Bills

You know the feeling when you open the mailbox and discover the bill that came as a result of that trip to the walk-in clinic. You needed to go, and it was worth it, but the bill causes you to groan instantly.

Even expected bills for routine visits can skyrocket when lab work is added or a particular medicine is needed. Insurance changes can also throw off your monthly medical budget and make it tough to keep up as you adjust to the new fees.

When you sell gift cards online for instant payment, you buy yourself some time to compensate for one-time medical expenses. Exchanged gift card payments might cover all or part of your prescriptions or visits to the doctor. This can give you peace of mind about your medical decisions, too, instead of regretting your trip to the doctor the moment the bill arrives.

Theft and Insurance Coverage

Even if you do the best you can and take many precautions, sometimes you fall victim to thievery. Whether it’s a car break-in or stolen wallet, having an item or several stolen creates an expensive problem that must be solved immediately.

First of all, the items lost must be replaced, especially if they are crucial to your work or everyday life. A laptop, for example, usually must be replaced sooner rather than later—but very rarely will you have enough savings to purchase a new laptop without warning. Selling gift cards online for instant cash can help buffet your savings account and add to the funds you’ll need to make up for those stolen items.

This money can also help you consider insurance coverage for your items. Though it may never happen again, purchasing insurance that will protect you if your items are stolen in the future is a worthwhile investment.

Emergency Flights and Gas Money

It is not unheard of for a call to come in from a family member or close friend conveying an emergency. For example, people must travel unexpectedly all the time due to attending funerals, visiting family in the hospital, or meeting a new baby. Even unexpected weather situations, such as hurricanes, can cause the need for immediate relocation. These trips can almost never be predicted, and they usually mean expenses that also have not been planned for.

Whether flying or driving, funds must be readily available to use immediately. Even if the purchases are put on a credit card, these must be paid off in a timely manner. If you sell gift cards online for instant payment, the money can be put toward these purchases.

The timeliness of this option means no waiting for a paycheck or waiting for something to sell online. When you need money quickly, selling old gift cards provides a great option.

Spontaneous Tickets and Splurges

Sometimes opportunities arise that you just can’t pass up: your favorite band comes to town and performs a secret show, tickets to a game open up at a reduced price, or a show you’ve wanted to see on stage comes to the theatre in your area. Unless you have a savings fund for those occasions, you must act quickly to take advantage of lower prices and good seats.

When these events come up, being creative to fund them is important. To get instant payment, sell your gift cards online. Instead of using a gift card for the movie theater, for example, trade it in for a payment in cash that you can use for another form of entertainment.

This way, you don’t need to worry about saving for the possibility of a concert or other event coming up unexpectedly. When one does, you can act fast and purchase tickets with resources you already have.

Car Accidents (and Other Mishaps)

You can be a wonderful driver with nothing on your driving record, and sometimes other drivers cause injury to you and your car. If a major accident happens, major repairs come right along with it—and rarely will you have enough funding to cover the costs of these repairs outright. Often, payment plans can be worked out, and that’s where a little additional income will come in handy.

If you sell gift cards online for instant payment, that money can turn into car repair payments. It may not amount to a lot of money when compared to the grand total, but every little bit counts. You may also need to cover the cost of a rental car or fare for other methods of transportation while your car is being repaired. The extra money you gain from gift cards could be key in funding these alternative ways of traveling, as they are necessary for getting to work, going out for necessities, and more.

Even other mishaps, such as kitchen appliances breaking, can cause a dent in your budget. If the fridge stops working, for example, it will be necessary to get an immediate fix. Other appliances, like the microwave, can wait, but for those appliances you use daily, a quick fix will be made easier when funded by extra cash.

Moving In: Long-Term Visitors

When those extra sheets and towels come out of the linen closet, it means visitors are on their way. Usually, visitors who come for a brief time do not impact finances in a major way. Sometimes, though, you might open your home to a friend or family member who needs a place to stay for a longer period of time. Whether a week, a month, or up to a year, the first stages of their stay can cause an adjustment in the budget.

Before the budget is adjusted to compensate, finding gift cards to sell online for instant payment can cover the cost associated with long-term visitors. These costs could be due to increased groceries, extra water and electricity used, and even pitching in with your visitors’ financial needs if absolutely necessary.

Because you’ll want to help out any way you can, using the resources you already have is a great way to make it possible to lend a hand. Usually just a quick look for forgotten gift cards can amount to a solid amount of money to put toward keeping your visitors happy and safe under your roof.

Gift Cards: The Unexpected Solution

When it comes to unexpected events in our lives, we tend to underestimate. We think these events won’t happen to us or are extremely rare. Unfortunately, they are not completely rare, and most of us will experience one or more of those events listed in our lifetimes. Since these events cannot be predicted, they also cannot be wholly prepared for. While a savings account may be in place, often that money is earmarked for something else.

One thing we also have in common, besides all having to go through unplanned events, is an unused gift card or two we have lying around. Look in your junk drawer, purse, or wallet—there’s likely one there now. Once found, these can give relief to your financial situation by covering a dinner or purchase from a store, but they can also be exchanged for cash.

To sell gift cards online for instant payment, start by researching the process. It’s extremely easy—just a few steps—and almost all gift cards are acceptable for exchange. You might have a situation currently that you need funding for, and in that case, instant cash will help. There will be no delay, and the money can be used as soon as you need it.

Even if you are not currently living through an unexpected life event, it is worth considering starting a fund for them when they inevitably come up. Trade those gift cards in now before you are caught without the funds you need. Instead of carrying them around and trying to find a good time to use them or forgetting about them in your wallet, turn them into funds that will have a distinct useful purpose.

With such an easy process, selling gift cards online is a no-brainer. Many people have found this simple way to bridge the gap between a monthly budget and unexpected expenses. Start looking for yours today!