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Father’s Day is almost here! On June 17th, people all around America and the rest of the world will celebrate their fathers, and how they have made their lives special. If you’re not sure what gift to get Dad this Father’s Day, don’t worry – you’re in the right place!

Father’s Day is a time when we can think about all of the sacrifices that our fathers have made for us, and how they have made our lives special. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your husband, partner, or even your grandfather, take the time to make this day special for that special man in your life.

Just like Mother’s Day, the point of Father’s Day is not to give Dad a ton of gifts that he’ll never use. Of course, dads always appreciate presents – but it’s not the money that you spend that is important. It’s the thought that counts!

So if you’re having trouble finding the right gift for dad, don’t worry. In this simple guide, we’ll help you pick out a gift card that Dad is sure to love. Just remember that it’s the thought that counts – so don’t feel bad if you don’t have much money to spare, and can’t afford a large gift.

In general, we feel that gift cards are the best gift for Father’s day. Many different stores sell gift cards, so you’ll have plenty of options for giving Dad a gift. Gift cards are also convenient if you don’t live in the same city or area as your parents, or if you need to send a gift a long distance.

You can either mail a gift card, or send an e-gift card right to Dad’s email inbox! The choice is yours.

Still stumped, and not sure which gift card to buy for Dad, or how you should give him the gift card? Don’t worry. Keep reading this guide, and we’ll tell you everything that you need to know. We’ll give you some tips on making this Father’s Day special, and on picking out gift cards that dads are sure to love.

It’s The Thought That Counts When Picking Out A Gift Card For Father’s Day!

When it comes to giving a gift on Father’s Day, it’s important to realize that the gift you give is much less important than the way you give it. Father’s Day isn’t about material things – and, chances are, your father already has all of the ties, cologne, and other such things that he will ever need!

No, Father’s Day is about appreciation. If you are lucky enough to have a father in your life who is a great role model, and who has inspired you to be a better person, Father’s Day is a time when you can make that clear – and show how much you appreciate the special man in your life.

Naturally, you won’t want to give a bad gift to your dad, or to your husband. But it’s important to realize that the gift is secondary – the main thing that’s special for dads about Father’s Day is being recognized by those people who they love and care for.

Wondering how you can make this Father’s Day extra special? Here are a few ideas that may inspire you, and help you figure out what gift to give Dad this Father’s Day.

  • Send a letter or a card with your gift – There is still nothing like getting a letter or a personalized card from someone you love. Sure, you could send an email or a text message to Dad telling him how much he means to you – but that just doesn’t have the same impact of traditional, good old pen-and-paper writing.

    Take some time out of your day, sit down with a pencil and paper, and think about what your Dad means to you. Chances are, it won’t be hard for you to think of a special story, or something else that can help your dad understand how much you appreciate him.

    Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert writer to create a meaningful letter or a card. As long as you are honest about your feelings, and express your appreciation for your dad, he’s sure to appreciate the gesture and remember it for years to come.
  • Re-enact an old photograph and include it with the gift card – This has become quite a popular activity for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Do a little digging around Facebook photos and photo albums to find an old picture of you and your siblings – and re-enact it!

    For example, if Dad snapped a photo of you at the beach with your brothers and sisters, you can get together at a beach, buy swimsuits that match the photo, and re-enact it! Include a copy of the original photo with the gift card, and a copy of the new picture.

    Need some inspiration? Check out this list of 43 hilarious family photo reenactments, and start thinking about how you can re-enact an old photo today!
  • Spend some time with Dad, either in-person or over the phone – Sometimes, we just don’t spend enough time with our dads. That’s why one of the best things you can do this Father’s Day is just spend some time with Dad! If you can do it in-person, that’s great – but a long phone call or a Skype session is just as good.

    You can talk about anything you want – update Dad on what you’ve been doing, listen to his latest adventures, anything! Just as long as you spend time together, he’s sure to appreciate it, and this will make his day more special.
  • Schedule a “Dad’s day” for your dad with his favorite activities – Got a dad who loves fishing? Send him out on the boat with a full tackle box and a cooler full of beer, or offer to take him yourself! Does he love riding bikes? Schedule a long bike ride – with a pit stop for lunch!

    No matter what dad loves to do, you can plan a day for him, either on Father’s Day, or at a later date – and make sure that he gets time to relax and enjoy his hobbies. Bonus points if you do them with him!

    This is an especially great idea if you’re celebrating a new dad. If your partner is a recent father, chances are that he doesn’t get a lot of time to himself, due to how needy babies tend to be. A little bit of time off can go a long way!


Our Top Gift Cards For Dads – Choose The Right Card With This Guide!

Okay, you’ve taken the time to make Father’s Day special for your dad. But what gift card should you get him, to go along with your card, or to give him when you’re spending time together? Let’s take a look at some of our top gift card categories for dads now

  • Home Improvement Stores And Hardware Stores – Is there any dad out there who doesn’t want a new grill, supplies for his latest home improvement project, or a few more tools to help make yard work easier? Nope!

    That’s why a gift card to a home improvement store like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Menard’s is a great idea. You can also get a gift card to a hardware store like Ace Hardware or Do It Best.

    With one of these gift cards, dads will be able to get everything they need for home improvement, lawn care, and more!
  • Outdoor Stores – Stores like Cabela’s, REI, and Bass Pro Shops sell gift cards that are perfect for dads who have outdoor hobbies, such as fishing, hunting, camping, or even archery and shooting. The best part about these gift cards is that these stores have a variety of inexpensive items – so dad can get something useful, even if you can’t afford a high-value gift card!
  • “Big Box” Electronics Stores – Does dad have his eye on a new 4K TV, a soundbar for his home theater system, or a brand-new phone or tablet? Help him get the gadgets he wants with a gift card to Best Buy, the Apple Store, or another big-box electronics retailer. Tech is always a great gift!
  • Hobby Shops – If the special man in your life has a hobby like model building, or is big into board games and other such recreational activities, a gift card to a hobby shop is a great idea. He can pick up some new items that he’s sure to enjoy for weeks and months to come!
  • Menswear Stores – Gone are the days when you could just get dad a new tie or a bottle of cologne. Today, if you’re looking to outfit dad in style, you should get him a gift card to a menswear store, such as Men’s Wearhouse, Joseph A. Bank, or a department store with an extensive menswear section.

    Dad will be able to pick out a piece of clothing that’s perfect for him, and he’ll be able to choose the color, style, and more – so you don’t have to worry about getting him a gift that he won’t like.
  • Digital Marketplaces – Everyone shops online on digital marketplaces like the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store these days. A gift card to one of these digital marketplaces lets dad choose between eBooks, audiobooks, apps, music, games, and so much more – so he’s sure to find something he’ll love.
  • Sporting Goods Stores – A gift card to a sporting good store is a great gift for dads both young and old! Whether dad is looking for athletic gear, or just high-quality clothing from brands like Under Armour and Nike, he’ll be able to pick out some great gifts at stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority.
  • Amazon – An Amazon gift card is a great gift for dads who like online shopping. If you choose an Amazon gift card, you won’t have to worry about dad not finding an item that he likes – there are millions of products on, so he’s sure to pick out a few gifts that are perfect for him, at a great price.
  • Movie Theaters – Is dad a big fan of the latest blockbusters? A gift card to a movie chain like AMC Theaters or Showcase Cinemas can ensure that he’s able to watch all of the latest releases all summer long!

Hopefully, this list of gift cards for dad has given you some inspiration! Whether you choose to get dad a gift card to Amazon, his favorite restaurant, or any of the other options on our list, you’re sure to make a great decision – and we know he’ll appreciate the gift!

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