The EJ Gift Cards online tool determines the balance on your American Airlines Gift Card!

Check Balance of American Airlines Gift Card

About American Airlines

American Airlines is an excellent type of gift card to receive, because flights are often very expensive. Giving the gift of airfare means you’re free to travel wherever you’d like using the funds on your gift card. But maybe you’ve received a gift card for American Airlines but you’re not sure how much money is on it? Before you book a flight, determine how much money you can spend with American Airlines.

Just check your American Airlines gift card’s balance above. Now that you know your balance, you can book your flight with confidence and not worry about overspending. But sometimes plans change or we’re too busy to travel. If that’s your situation, don’t worry! Your gift card still has value, and we’re happy to turn your gift card into cash so you can redeem that money anywhere you’d like, even other airlines!