Determine the Balance on Your Lowe’s Gift Card

Check Balance of Lowe’s (Online Only) Gift Card

About Lowe's

Lowe’s is a great place to shop for home renovation projects, or anything you need around the house. For this reason, many people receive Lowe’s gift cards to help with various projects. Sometimes, however, we receive a gift card and have no idea how much money is on it. Other times, we might forget whether we already used the card or not.

That’s why EJ Gift Cards lets you easily check the balance on your gift card. Simply use the link above to instantly check how much of a remaining balance you have on your Lowe’s gift card. Don’t want to shop at Lowe’s but still want the money? No problem! We convert your old gift cards into cash! Shop wherever you’d like, but still use up that balance on your gift card! Treat yourself today by converting your card to cash.