Check Your Sephora Gift Card Balance The Simple Way With EJ Gift Cards

Check Balance of Sephora (Online Only) Gift Card

About Sephora (Online Only)

Sephora has become a popular destination for makeup, perfumes, colognes, and accessories like bath bombs and soaps. They are also easy to find, available in just about every mall. This has made their gift cards popular, too, as they are a way of expressing the idea that someone deserves to be treated to a spa day or a great new look. But if you’re the owner of such a card, you may not spend it if you don’t know the balance. We can fix that for you.

EJ Gift Cards has a free and simple online tool to check the balance of your Sephora card. Just put in the information above, and we’ll report back your remaining balance, even if it hasn’t been used yet. It’s that simple! Plus, we can offer you cash in exchange for your Sephora card so you can go anywhere with it!