Top 5 Gift Cards to Exchange This Holiday | EJ Gift Cards

So the holidays are coming up, and you’ve got a tough aunt or a picky nephew to shop for. What do you buy? On one hand, you could go the same route as last year and get them both something you hope they’ll like, but aren’t sure about.

On the other, you could simply get them a gift card to one of their favorite retailers. While many people overlook gift cards as excessively simple gifts, the fact is that they’re highly useful, and applicable in many situations. In fact, many people prefer getting gift cards than actual physical gifts.

If your family has a tradition of exchanging gift cards over the holidays, or if you’d like to start one, these five must-have gift cards will help kick things off nicely.

Five Key Cards for Exchanging Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Knock their socks off and leave them happier than a reindeer on Christmas Eve with these five fun and valuable gift card options:

1. Amazon

Amazon is “the everything store” and it has something to offer everyone. From clothes to dry food, toys, pet items, electronics, books, and more, Amazon is a fantastic outlet for ensuring that the person you love gets something they love.

Amazon gift cards come in all different valuations, and it’s easy to pick them up at many physical grocery stores, as well as many separate online retailers. One of the most valuable gift cards out there, Amazon gift cards make it easy for your gift-ee to find exactly what he or she wants this holiday season.

2. iTunes

iTunes is much more than just music. Today, the platform sells videos, movies, TV shows, and even curates playlists to help listeners find exactly what they want. If you’re interested in finding the gift that keeps on giving, look no further than an iTunes gift card.

Ideal for exchanging gift cards over the holidays, this simple little item is versatile, valuable, and highly useful. What’s more, even if your giftee doesn’t love iTunes, they can easily trade it in for another gift card they’d rather have.

3. Apple

Apple gift cards are the crème de la crème of the online world. Good for electronics and downloads, these unique gift cards are the ideal gift for the tech-lover in your family. Simply purchase one in your desired dollar amount and pass it along to the tech-lover in your family!

4. Target

Target is the physical version of Amazon. Stocking clothing, baby goods, groceries, electronics, household decorations and furnishings, appliances, and beauty products, it’s a shopper’s dream-come-true (especially if said shopper has babies, young kids, or a budding household), and it’s a fantastic place to find something that your gift-ee will love.

Target gift cards are available online or in-stores, and you can even purchase them so they come in attractive gift card boxes. Make the holidays a little merrier by purchasing this valuable and exciting gift card for someone you love.

5. Outback Steakhouse

Who doesn’t love outback steakhouse? Featuring food for virtually all tastes and budgets, and one of the best chain restaurants for entertaining guests and out-of-town company, Outback Steakhouse is a great place to purchase a gift card for the foodie in the family. Even if you don’t have an Outback Steakhouse where you live, it’s easy to find one to visit on trips away!

Depending on how large the gift card you purchase is, the person you give it to can enjoy a few meals out and may even have enough left over to take someone else out, as well.

Exchanging Gift Cards: The Fun Way to do the Holidays

Exchanging gift cards is a great way to ensure that you’re meeting the needs of your friends and family this holiday season. By getting them a gift they’re guaranteed to love, you can take the guesswork out of shopping and help ensure that the holiday gift exchange is as painless and fruitful as possible.

While it’s true that buying a gift card for a loved one can be difficult, these five top gift cards are virtually certain to be winners. From Outback Steakhouse to Target and beyond, these cards are flexible, accessible, and ideal for anyone who likes to shop, play, or dine in style. So no matter who your giftee is or what they care about, these five fun gift cards promise to be the perfect way to spend the holiday season.