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Gift card marketplaces and buyers are great. Whereas in the past you could often be stuck with a bunch of gift cards that you had no use for – from birthdays, Christmas, office parties, graduations, whatever it may be – today, you can turn your gift cards from useless pieces of plastic into cold hard cash using a variety of online marketplaces and gift card buyers.

It used to be that the only way to sell gift cards was to hope that one of your friends or family members will be interested in the gift card to a particular store – and you’d often have to sell it at a discount. If you couldn’t find a buyer, you were out of luck.

Most online gift card buying marketplaces offer a much easier solution – if you get a gift card to an establishment you’re not interested in, you can simply go online, find a reputable gift card buyers or marketplaces, enter the details, and get paid – instantly, in some cases, through PayPal, a direct wire transfer, or another quick, easy payment method.

However, when you sell your gift cards online, you should be careful – though there are many reputable marketplaces and buyers to which you can sell your gift cards, there are just as many scammy, disreputable websites that can infect your computer with malware, steal your information, or even totally rip you off by taking your card information without giving you a payout, or rip you off by “sending” you a check and “losing” the information about your sale.

Now, we are not writing all this to scare you – there are plenty of awesome, totally legitimate gift card buyers and marketplaces out there. But it’s essential that you are able to distinguish the good from the bad – and to help you do so, we’ve written this handy reference article.

Following the tips, guidelines, and information that we set forth in this article, you’ll be able to easily find the best gift card marketplaces for your specific needs. Read on, and learn with us.

Tip 1 – Find A Gift Card Buyer That Pays Instantly

One of the single best ways to ensure that you never get scammed when you sell your gift cards is by finding gift card buyers that pay you cash instantly – whether by PayPal, direct deposit, or any other method of quick, easy payment. Most gift cards can be sold online simply by entering their information into a website – once it’s confirmed and verified that the gift card is legitimate, you’ll get paid.

There are exceptions to this – some gift cards do require to be mailed physically in order for you to get payment. This is an unfortunate necessity since some gift cards simply can’t be input and verified electronically – but make sure that the service you use is willing to render payment as soon as they receive the package, and ensure that you choose a mail carrier service that allows you to track your package, as that will make it easier to get paid more quickly.

In fact, the best buyers of gift cards on the market confirm the authenticity of the card before it’s sent in the mail, and are willing to render payment as soon as the card can be confirmed as being sent via a tracking number from the post office. This allows you to get payment more quickly, as you don’t need to wait for your package to arrive to get paid.

However, even when you do have to send in a gift card, you should be looking for a website that pays out electronically. Checks can easily be “lost” in the mail, and even when the company buying your cards is legitimate, they take forever to send in the mail, and can be a pain in the neck to deposit.

The reason that getting paid instantly is such a reliable method of avoiding scams is simple – if you get paid at the exact same time you turn in your gift card’s information, you can’t get scammed. However, if you input gift card information and don’t get paid immediately, there’s a chance that the company could scam you by reselling that information, draining the card of funds, and then telling you that your card was no good – and not rendering payment.

Making sure that you get paid instantly with a reliable, easy-to-use payment method is one of the simplest, easiest ways to make sure that you don’t get scammed when you sell your gift cards. So click around on whatever website you’re interested in using, and see what their standard payment methods and turnaround times are – the faster and more instant, the better.

Tip 2 – Don’t Download Anything!

This tip is pretty simple, all things considered. While there are few gift card buyers that do this, many scam websites will ask you to download files, applications, or other executable files before they let you sell your gift cards. If there is a gift card selling website that’s doing this, they’re absolutely trying to infect your computer with malware, and should not be trusted with your personal information, gift card numbers, or anything else.

These sorts of websites generally offer very good percentage return on your gift cards – offering 90%+ of the face value of the balance of your gift card. This is a honeypot – by offering great rates, they can fool you into downloading harmful malware, viruses, or other dangerous software that can infect your computer and steal your personal information.

As stated before, this is quite rare. Most gift card buyers – even disreputable ones – won’t do this. But these sorts of scams prey on people’s lack of technological expertise. Someone who is older or less advanced in their knowledge of computers may believe that they need a special application with which to sell their gift cards.

Simply put, this is not the case. If you are using a gift card buying website and they prompt you to download some kind of special software, extension, or other program, stop using it. They’re trying to get your personal information and infect your computer. You should never have to download any specialized programs to sell your gift cards.

Tip 3 – Look For Customer Service or Contact Options On The Gift Card Buyer’s Website – And Make Sure They Use Them

This simple tip is easy to do. Most gift card buyers do, in fact, have robust customer service and support teams who can answer your questions, help you with any issues you have while selling, and perform plenty of other tasks to ensure a seamless, flawless customer experience.

But as you might expect, scammy, untrustworthy gift card buying sites could not care less about customers – so they’re unlikely to even offer contact forms, let alone customer support teams.

If you’re curious about the level of customer support on a particular gift card buying website, put them through a test drive – fill out their contact form or email their customer support address with a quick, simple question about their services, or about a gift card that you want to sell. See how long it takes them to respond – the faster they are, the more likely it is that you’re dealing with a well-oiled, full-service gift card buyer that is totally legitimate and above board.

However, if you never get a response – or can’t even find a customer support line or email address – you will probably want to steer clear. Though a site without support may not be scamming you, they certainly won’t be able or willing to help you should something go wrong during the selling process, or if you have a question or concern about how they are doing business.

Tip 4 – Find A Company With Clear Instructions And Walkthroughs About Its Services

When you sell your gift cards online, the process should be simple, and easy for you to understand. And if it’s not – sometimes different gift cards have different numbering schemes, require activation, etc – there should be a clear way in which you can understand what you need to do to successfully sell your gift cards.

The best gift card buyers have clear, simple instructions that can be followed step-by-step by any person who is looking to sell their gift cards, and offers FAQ sections about payment methods, the cards that they accept, and other vital information that you need when you sell your gift cards.

Clear, concise instructions are essential for verifying the legitimacy of gift card buyer, and can be an invaluable tool to help you through the process when you sell your gift cards.

Tip 5 – Avoid Companies With Service Fees

Service fees are a hidden cost killer. Often, you’ll find that when companies are offering over 90% of value for a gift card, there are quite a few hidden costs associated with selling your gift cards. This is especially common in gift card “marketplaces”. Unlike gift card buyers, gift card marketplaces allow users to upload listings for individual gift cards and sell them to each other. While this is a legitimate method of doing business, the company hosting the listings must also get paid – this means they’ll be taking services fees, either before, during, or after your listing is up.

Gift Card Marketplaces

When combined with transactional fees from PayPal or other payment systems, this can mean that you lose quite a bit of money on the sale – that 90% payout may be more like 60% or 70% once everybody has filled their pockets from the fees they charge you.

Service fees can mean losing a lot of money – and the fact that sales aren’t instant to these marketplaces means you lose a lot of time. So if you’re looking to make things easier on yourself, find a company that will buy your gift cards – not trade them for other gift cards or cash.

By paying out instantly, offering you a clear, obvious percentage price for your card, and allowing you to get your cash and move on with your life, these companies are often a much better choice for those who are in a rush to ditch useless gift cards and get the cash that they need.

Conclusion – Sell Your Gift Cards, Scam-Free

Hopefully these above examples have been helpful to you as you look for a great website to sell your unwanted gift cards. These websites certainly are a gift to all of us from the 21st century – while many used to be stuck with useless gift cards for store we never frequent, today we can feel free to sell them to people who want to use them – and make a fair profit while doing so.

So if you follow our quick tips above, you’ll easily be able to find a great marketplace on which you can sell your gift cards reliably and quickly, and get paid out in cold hard cash.

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And if you ever have a problem with your payment, gift card, or have a question about the buying process, our friendly customer support team can be reached by online form, email, or telephone – no need to worry about being left in the dark.

So don’t get scammed. Don’t worry about sketchy gift card buyers, or giant peer-to-peer online marketplaces. Sell to EJ Gift Cards, get your cash, and get on with your life.