Facts About Getting Cash for Gift Cards | EJ Gift Cards

If you’re just dying to extend Christmas a bit longer, we’ve got an exciting secret to let you in on. You can get cash for your unwanted or unused gift cards!

Although this is a long-standing practice, it’s not one that everyone knows about. All around the web, though, sites like us here at EJ Gift Cards are helping people get cash in exchange for gift cards they’ll never use. From iTunes to Amazon gift cards and more, we’ll take your obsolete gift cards and give you cold, hard cash in exchange. Here’s what you need to know about making the switch:

Is Cash for Gift Cards Legal?

Of course, it is! If you think about it, a gift card is essentially just money meant to be spent at a certain merchant. When we purchase your gift cards in exchange for cash, the retailer doesn’t lose any money on that purchase. While some people tend to avoid selling gift cards because they think it’s somehow illegal, the fact of the matter is that it’s entirely legal, and is a smart way to make your unwanted gift cards work for you.

How Long Does It Take to Sell Gift Cards?

Gift card sales are fast and easy. When you choose an online vendor, you can expect to see your payment in a few hours or a few days – no more than that! If you choose to get cash for gift cards via a site like Craigslist or eBay, or even through an in-person kiosk, your payment time may be a bit longer.

Generally, however, selling gift cards is a very fast and painless experience!

Which Gift Cards Can I Sell?

While each site has a different list of merchants they support, it’s safe to say that you can sell virtually any gift card you want. Here at EJ Gift Cards, for example, we accept cards from merchants ranging from AMC Theaters to Century 21 to Firestone. The list of acceptable merchants is extensive, and, more likely than not, you won’t have any trouble finding someone to purchase your gift card.

Can I Sell Multiple Gift Cards?

Selling multiple gift cards is a common practice, and it’s entirely acceptable. When you go to sell your gift card, you’ll simply have to enter the information for each gift card individually. While this can take some time, it’s a great way to get as much cash as possible for all your cards at once.

Will I Get Full Face Value for my Card?

While you won’t get the full face value of the card, you’re likely to get a large amount of it. The payout you get for your card depends, in large part, on the merchant who issued it. Cards from merchants like iTunes, Amazon, and Apple are highly valuable, for example, while cards from other merchants, like Applebee’s, might not be as valuable. While you’ll get a good trade-in for any card you present, it’s smart to remember that more valuable cards earn higher payouts right off the bat.

Are There Other Ways to Get Cash for Gift Cards?

Yes – but many of them aren’t as easy. You can sell gift cards on Craigslist, for example, or through a site like eBay. You can also get cash for gift cards by selling them in-person to friends or family members, although this is often more difficult and offers a lower payout.

How Can You Find a Retailer to Sell Your Gift Cards?

The best way is simply to do your research. Consider which cards you have to sell, and aim to find a retailer that will accommodate them. You should also take the time to look into reviews of online retailers and ensure they’re reputable and trusted by previous customers. This will ensure that you wind up with a solid retailer right off the bat and that you don’t waste your time with less-than-scrupulous retailers you can’t trust.

If you’re looking to get cash for gift cards, the process is easier today than it’s ever been before. Simply locate a reputable online retailer, input your gift card information, and off you go! Legal, simple, fast, and effective, selling gift cards is a great way to get rid of gift cards you don’t want or won’t use, while also putting some cash in your pocket for an upcoming trip, a nice night out, or that faux fur throw you’ve been coveting.

Don’t live with unused gift cards any longer – get cash for gift cards and get on with your life!

If you’re looking for a quality online retailer to help you sell your gift cards, look no further than EJ Gift Cards. With working partnerships with hundreds of merchants, we’re your go-to source for online gift card sales.