Gift Card Exchange After the Holidays | EJ Gift Cards

This year, your little brother didn’t have any brilliant gift ideas, so he went out and purchased thirty gift cards. The only problem is, none of the ten that appeared in your stocking are to retailers you shop at.

You thought you’d give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and now you’ve wandered into each store several times now. Every time, though, you leave, disappointed at being unable to find anything you want.

What are you going to do with all these gift cards?

If you don’t want to hurt his feelings or let his hard-earned money go to waste, there’s one fantastic option you probably haven’t tried: gift card exchange.

Designed with people like you in mind, gift card exchange works by allowing people with unwanted or unneeded gift cards to exchange them for more usable gift cards or, in some cases, cash.

Here’s everything you need to know about gift card exchange, and how using it after the holidays can get you out of a sticky situation.

The Benefits of Gift Card Exchange

Gift card exchange is a fantastic idea for many reasons. Here are some of its top perks:

1. You can get something you want without hurting anyone’s feelings

Gift card exchange makes it easy to take the gift someone so thoughtfully gave you (a gift card) and turn it into something you want. Even if the gift card you received isn’t to a vendor or store you like, the person who gave it to you still spent money on it, and you don’t want to allow that to go to waste. Instead of letting the gift card sit around in a drawer or file, put it to good use with gift card exchange.

The vendor you choose will take your unwanted gift card and allow you to apply it toward a gift card to a different retailer or cash. Plus – the person who gave you the gift card in the first place never needs to know!

2. You can use your gift card to get cash for other purposes

If you could use some cash in hand for a trip, your savings account, or to finance a purchase, gift card exchange is a great way to facilitate it. While it may seem like trading gift cards for cash would be difficult, it’s a simple process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Again, the person who gave you the gift card never needs to know you traded it and you can easily get the cash you want without too much hassle.

3. Gift card exchange is fast and discrete

If you have a physical gift you want to return, it can be a painful process – unless there’s a gift receipt. If there’s not, you must contact the person who gave you the gift, ask for a receipt, and then go through the return process on your own – all after having hurt the gift-giver’s feelings!

Fortunately, gift card exchange is much simpler. Simply head to a vendor like EJ Gift Cards, choose your gift card issuer from the drop-down menu, input the face value and pin number (if the card has one) and get an immediate offer! It’s a fast process that gets you the cash or alternate gift card you need without involving the person who gave you the gift.

4. Gift card exchange helps prevent waste

No matter how you cut it, letting a gift card go to waste is a big no-no. In addition to the fact that you’re essentially wasting the money of the person who gave you the card, you’re also contributing to the millions of dollars annually (that number is actually $41 billion since 2005) that go to waste on unused gift cards.

By utilizing gift card exchange, you cut down on waste at both ends of the spectrum. When people put the money on unwanted gift cards towards a more in-demand gift card or simply exchange it for cash, it decreases the backlog of unused gift cards out there and gives the economy a little mini-boost at every turn.

The Case for Gift Card Exchange

After the holidays, people everywhere are trying to figure out what, exactly, to do with the gift cards they no longer want or need. Fortunately, you don’t have to lump yourself into that group. By utilizing gift card exchange, you can get rid of your unwanted gift cards without hurting anyone’s feelings or going through a long, drawn-out process.

For more information on gift card exchange, or to start your gift card exchange today, visit EJ Gift Cards, your source for online gift card exchange and sales.