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The weather is cooling down, and outdoor enthusiasts all around America are getting ready for camping, hunting, and backpacking season! The early autumn is a hugely popular time for outdoor activities. There are fewer bugs and the weather is nice and cool – but never freezing!

So if you’ve got a loved one or a family member who is an outdoor enthusiast, this is the perfect time to give them a gift card. Whether it’s because of a recent anniversary, birthday, or even a graduation celebration, gift cards are a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Most outdoor stores sell gift cards, and they’re a great gift for hikers, backpackers, campers, hunters – and outdoorsmen (and women) of all types. Why should you choose to give a gift card to that special, outdoorsy someone? We’re glad you asked! Let’s dive into our article now.

Why Should I Give A Gift Card Instead Of Another Present – Or Cash?

There are many reasons that gift cards are a great present. They’re easy to give and receive, and feel personal – while remaining flexible! And when it comes to outdoor enthusiasts, gift cards are a particularly great choice, for the following reasons.

  • Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are very particular about their gear – It’s true! Even if you’re not outdoorsy yourself, you’ve probably noticed this about your friend or your loved one. They probably have particular brands, styles of product, and kinds of gear that they prefer to buy.

    Part of the fun of exploring the great outdoors is enjoying the products that you use to do so – so most hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts love the process of picking out their own gear.

    If you buy a new piece of gear – say a tent, or a sleeping hammock – for your loved one, they will certainly appreciate it, and love the time and care into purchasing that item. But they may not be able to use it – and they may even return it for another item.

    Giving a gift card lets you avoid this problem. Your loved one will see that you understand and appreciate their hobbies, and they’ll be able to pick out the perfect piece of outdoor gear, using your present!
  • Lots of outdoor equipment is very expensive – Do you want to get your loved one a new kayak for Christmas? A nice, Marmot tent for their birthday? Great – but a new kayak is going to cost you upwards of $1,000, and even a mid-size tent from most major manufacturers is going to be $300-$400 or more.

    Outdoor gear from top brands is very durable, long-lasting, and reliable – and this means it’s expensive. You just may not be able to afford a new piece of gear for your loved one.

    But a gift card is a great way around this problem! If you know that the gift card recipient is interested in making a big-ticket purchase – a new hunting rifle, for example – you can buy a gift card to a store that sells their desired item. This lets you contribute to their purchase without dropping big bucks on a big-ticket item!
  • The flexibility is always welcomed – When they’re planning an expedition – whether it’s a weekend camping trip, or a two-week thru-hike – outdoor enthusiasts are going to need to stock up on plenty of supplies.

    Outdoor stores that sell gift cards offer just about every product that outdoor enthusiasts need for a trip. This means that, if your loved one doesn’t need any equipment, they can still use your gift card to stock up on supplies like Clif bars, camping meals, and other disposables like fuel canisters.
  • Cash doesn’t feel like a “gift” – Why not just give cash as a gift? Well, you can, of course! But we don’t think it’s a great idea. We think that choosing a retail store that sells gift cards specifically for outdoor enthusiasts is a much better choice.

    Why? Well, think about it. Cash just doesn’t feel like a gift! Of course, your loved one will appreciate your cash gift. But they will likely just stick it in their purse or wallet, head to the nearest bank, and deposit the sum – where it just ends up with the rest of their money. They may not even spend it on a gift for themselves – but on bills and other expenses!

    Gift cards are a gift. You can’t deposit them in the bank – you’ve got to spend them! So if you know that a loved one has a tendency to save money, and never buy things for themselves, a gift card is a much better investment.

Picking A Gift Card For Your Outdoorsy Loved One – Quick Tips

Now that we’ve established why a gift card is a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s time to choose the gift card you’ll give. So many stores sell gift cards – so what tips can you use to make sure you get the right one?

  • Make sure you know the stores and brands they like – Even when you’re giving a gift card, you’ll want to make sure you give your loved one to a store that they like. So think about where you’ve seen them shop in the past, and take note of the brands and type of equipment they use on their outdoor adventures. This will ensure you pick the right gift card!
  • Listen to see if they mention a particular item they need – Maybe your loved one has a tent that’s seen better days, a backpack that has holes in it, or even just a worn-out camping stove. If they mentioned particular items of gear that they need, this can help you select a gift card to the right store!
  • Choose a gift card with a reasonable value – Most outdoor equipment is quite expensive, as mentioned above. This means you’ll probably want to buy a gift card that’s loaded with a pretty good amount of money.

    In general, we’d recommend that you load a gift card with at least $100. This is enough for plenty of outdoor supplies, and if your loved one is saving up for a bigger-ticket item, it’s sure to help.

    This number will vary based on the occasion and the person you’re buying the gift card for, of course, but this is a good rule of thumb.

Make It Special! Gift-Giving Tips

Gift cards are a great gift for any loved one who loves the great outdoors. But maybe you want to make things a bit more special when giving your gift card. Here are some tips for making your gift card memorable – and making sure that your gift is well-received!

  • Make it a themed gift – Got a pro angler in your family? Give them a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, and a couple lures, and wrap it all up in a brand-new tackle box with a bow on it! Got a hiker in your family? Grab a pair of new wool socks, and stuff ‘em full with homemade trail mix – along with a gift card to their favorite outdoor store! The choices are truly endless.

    Theming your gift will help it feel more special, and is sure to make the recipient remember your gift for years to come!
  • Include a note or letter – The thought is truly what counts – no matter what kind of gift card you give. So don’t just toss your gift card into an envelope and send it off! Take the time to write a note or a letter with your gift card.

    Explain why you bought the card, talk a little bit about why you’re giving the gift, and make it sentimental. You don’t have to be sappy, but a personal, honest note is a great way to tug on heartstrings, and make your gift more memorable!
  • Schedule a getaway to go with your gift – If you’re getting a gift card for your significant other, a great way to make things more special is to get outdoors together. Even if you don’t like hiking or outdoor activities too much, your loved one will appreciate that you’re making an effort.

    For example, you could give your partner a gift card to an outdoor shop, alongside a reservation for a campsite next month! They can pick up some new stuff for the trip, and you two can enjoy it together.

Our Recommendations – The Best Gift Cards For Outdoor Enthusiasts!

There are so many stores that sell gift cards. Which one is right for that special someone in your life? In this section of our guide, we’ll take a look at our top 4 recommended gift cards for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Big-Box Outdoor Stores (REI, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s) – Okay, this is a bit of a no-brainer. Specialty outdoor stores have a huge variety of outdoor goods. From camping equipment to hiking accessories, apparel, guns, and more – you can get just about anything outdoors-related from a specialty outdoor store.
  • Sporting Goods Stores (Dick’s, Play It Again Sports) – Sporting goods stores have quite a bit of outdoor equipment and gear, though their selection is usually a bit more limited compared to large, outdoor specialty stores. Still, sporting good stores usually have camping gear, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, and just about everything else an outdoor enthusiast could want!
  • – If your loved one is a real deal-hunter, an Amazon gift card is a great choice. Camping gear and outdoor accessories can be purchased on Amazon for incredible prices.

    However, if your loved one is very picky about their outdoor gear, an gift card may not be the best choice. Your loved one may prefer to buy items in-person so that they can be tested out immediately, and returning items is often more difficult online, especially from third-party sellers.

    Still, Amazon has just about everything outdoors-related that you could ever want – making it a solid overall choice.
  • VISA Gift Card – A VISA gift card is a good choice if you know that your loved one is planning a long trip in the near future. VISA gift cards can be used just like cash – so they can be used to go towards things like hotel rooms, supplies for a trip, specialty gear, and much more. A VISA gift card is a good way to give the flexibility of cash – without actually giving someone a cash payment or a check.

    visa gift card

Just about every store sells gift cards – but with one of these 4 recommended cards, you can be sure that you’ll give a fantastic gift to that special someone in your life!

Give The Gift Of The Great Outdoors – With The Perfect Gift Card!

If you follow the tips above when giving a gift card to your outdoorsy friends or family members, you’re sure to buy the right gift card. So don’t wait – get to an outdoor store that sells gift cards today, and give a present that they’ll remember for years to come!

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