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In our Gift Cards 101 series, we’ve been exploring quite a few topics – from understanding how to use gift cards properly, to gift-giving guides! In this guide, we’ll take a look at yet another type of gift recipient – winter sports and snowsports enthusiasts!

As the weather has cooled down, most of us are content to huddle near our space heaters and electric blankets, with a mug of tea or coffee – and wait out the winter. But when snow starts to fall, snowsports enthusiasts come to life – and they love this time of year, as the best time to enjoy their hobby.

So whether you’ve got a birthday or a special occasion coming up for someone who loves winter sports like snowboarding, snowmobiling, or skiing, or you’re thinking about giving them a late holiday present, we’re here to help you pick out the best gift card for them!

Why Give A Gift Card Instead Of Cash Or Another Present

So, why should you choose a gift card as a gift for your favorite winter outdoor sports enthusiasts? That’s a good question.

  • Cash just doesn’t feel special – If cash was a great gift, gift cards wouldn’t exist! But that’s simply not the case. Cash can be a great gift on some occasions – for example, for a graduation present or before a big trip abroad. But usually, a cash gift feels a bit boring and impersonal.

    And there’s a reason for that – it doesn’t require any thought at all, and it truly is the thought that counts when you’re shopping for a gift. Giving someone a present or a gift card lets them know that you understand them – what they like, are interested in, and are passionate about.

On the other hand, giving someone a cash gift tells them that you don’t really care what they spend it on – and it often feels impersonal and thoughtless.

Of course, this is not the case for everyone. If you know your loved one does not care about getting cash as a present, it may be a good choice! But as a rule, we suggest you avoid it.

  • You might pick the wrong gift – If you’re not a skier or a snowboarder, or any other kind of snowsports enthusiast, it’s going to be hard for you to pick out the right gift for your loved one. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other outdoor sports require very specialized gear.

    Most intermediate-to-advanced skiers and snowboarders, for example, have very particular requirements for their gear. They may prefer a shorter pair of skis that are more maneuverable, for example, instead of long skis that provide them with more balance when moving quickly. Or, they may have a preferred type of snowboard binding that’s compatible with their boots, particular requirements for winter clothing and accessories – the list could go on and on.

    It is tempting to try to surprise your loved one with a gift for their hobby. But you risk getting the wrong thing, especially if you do not know much about snowsports yourself. Of course, it is the thought that counts, but we’re sure that your gift recipient will be more satisfied with a gift card that lets them purchase their own gear, and test it out themselves.
  • Most snowsports equipment is expensive – Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and other winter sports are very specialized hobbies. That means that high quality equipment and accessories are expensive.

    Even a pair of top-quality snow goggles from Oakley, for instance, can cost nearly $200, and skis and snowboards can easily cost thousands! If you can afford a gift of that price, go for it – but most of the time, you won’t be able to cover the cost of a new set of skis, or the fancy accessories that you know your loved one wants.

    A gift card is a great “middle ground”. You can give a gift card to your loved one that will cover most of the price of a piece of equipment, and tell them why you purchased it for them! This helps them know that you were thinking of them when selecting the gift – but you don’t have to break the bank on an expensive equipment purchase. 
  • Gift cards provide plenty of flexibility – A long weekend at a ski resort doesn’t just require gear like jackets, goggles, hats and gloves. Snowsports enthusiasts will need other accessories and disposable items like hand warmers, energy bars and hydration, and much more! Giving a gift card to an outdoor store, or even a department store like Target can help your loved one stock up before their next big adventure. 
  • You can save money and stretch your dollar – Many online marketplaces such as EJ Gift Cards sell Target Gift cards and sell Apple Store Gift Cards for big discounts! By purchasing pre-owned gift cards, you can save quite a bit of money when giving gifts!

    This is even more true for specialized retailers like outdoor equipment stores. You can often save 10% or more when purchasing gift cards from stores like Bass Pro Shops, REI, or Marmot. That means that, essentially, for every $90 you spend, your loved one gets a $100 gift card!

    As we mentioned, high-end snowsports gear gets expensive fast. By choosing to buy gift cards from EJ Gift Cards, you can save money and stretch your dollar. And if you want to spend even more, you can also sell Nordstrom gift cards and sell Gap gift cards, among hundreds of others, for PayPal – and use this money to purchase discounted gift cards!

Our Tips For Picking Gift Cards For Winter Sports Enthusiasts

  • Note their favorite brands and equipment manufacturers – As we’ve mentioned, snowsports enthusiasts can get very particular about their favorite gear. Some snowboarders will only wear Burton, many skiers love Arcteryx, and so on. You’ll want to select a gift card to a store that will carry their favorite brands of ski, snowboard, and outdoor accessories.
  • Find out about their favorite resorts and destinations Most ski and snowboard resorts offer gift cards that can be used for equipment rentals, lift tickets, special events, and even at their hotels or restaurants. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep your loved one’s favorite ski resorts and destinations in mind. A gift card to that location may be a wonderful idea!
  • Load up a gift card with plenty of spending money We’d say that about $100 is the minimum if you are giving a gift to a snowsports enthusiast. This is plenty of money to go towards an expensive purchase like a new set of boots, bindings, or a snowboard, or enough to pay for quite a few smaller accessories.

    Of course, the amount you spend depends on your relationship with the gift recipient. For your partner, for example, you may be willing to spend quite a bit more – but for a nephew, niece, or other more distant relation, you may not want to break the bank for your gift.
  • Think about what gear they have that might be worn out – If you know that your gift recipient has old skis or a busted snowboard, or that their boots have seen much better days, you can use that information to guide your gift card purchase. Find a card that is redeemable at a store that sells that particular piece of gear – this lets them choose the replacement that will be best for them.

How To Make Your Gift Card Even More Special

Got your gift card, but not sure how to present it to your loved one, and make it a truly memorable gift? Here are a few great ideas you can use!

  • Consider making it a two-person adventure (or giving the gift of your absence!) – If you also love the great, snowy outdoors, you can add a note or a reservation for lift tickets at your loved one’s favorite resort! Then, you can enjoy the wintry wonderland together, and have a great time!

    On the other hand, if you do not like outdoor snowsports, you could purchase a single lift ticket, and let your loved one or partner know that they are free to enjoy their day – without having to drag you along for the bunny slopes!
  • Choose a fun theme for your gift – Want to theme your gift? Your opportunities are endless! Toss a pair of handwarmers into a new wool hat, and then put your gift card in it for a fun snow theme! Or, print out a gift card holder that looks like a lift ticket, and place your gift card in it for a fun surprise! With a little time and creativity, there are so many ways to customize your gift and make it feel truly special.
  • Add a heartfelt note Some people overlook this when giving a gift card. But even a quick note can really help the present feel more special. You don’t have to be fancy. Write from the heart, and tell the gift recipient what they mean to you. They’re sure to appreciate it.

Our Picks – The Best Gift Cards For Snowsports Enthusiasts!

Now that you’ve read through our comprehensive gift-giving guide, it’s time to give you our top picks for gift cards! Read on, and see what you think of our top picks!

  • Ski resorts – If your loved one already has all of the gear that they need for the snowsports season, why bother giving them gift cards to buy more? Instead, buy a gift card from their favorite local ski resort. They can rent equipment with it, buy lift tickets, and so much more! You’ll give them the gift of a wonderful day on the slopes – and that’s the greatest gift of all!
  • Local gear shops – Sometimes, local gear shops are the best choice for gift cards. They often have a huge selection of gently-used equipment, which can make it much easier for your loved one to get more for their money. In addition, snowsports and enthusiasts tend to like supporting local businesses, because of the color and flavor they add to the experience of snowsports!
  • Outdoor stores Stores such as Bass Pro Shops, REI, and Cabela’s do not have the biggest selection of snowsport-specific equipment. However, they do have plenty of outdoor apparel, and accessories and supplies that can be very handy on a long ski trip.
  • Amazon – Amazon sells everything – from ski clothing to snowboards, bindings, and so much more. If you’re not sure what to get, it’s hard to go wrong with an Amazon gift card.
  • eBay – eBay is a great place to find lightly-used snowsports gear at a low price, and is a fantastic choice for any snowsports lover.
  • Airlines – If you do not live near any popular ski resorts, you could consider purchasing a gift card to a budget airline such as Frontier, which runs cheap flights to Denver and many other top locations for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.
  • VISA gift cards – A VISA gift card can be spent just like cash, so this is a great choice if your loved one is going on a ski or snowboarding trip, or you’re just not sure what to get them. These gift cards combine the flexibility of cash with the thoughtfulness of a gift card, making them a fantastic option.

Follow These Tips To Pick The Perfect Present!

At the end of the day, it truly is the thought that counts. But with this guide, you’ll have a much easier time picking gifts for your loved ones who enjoy winter sports.

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