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Gift cards are awesome. They provide a great balance between thoughtfulness and flexibility – if you get someone a gift card to a shop they love, they’ll know that you truly were thinking about what they like, yet can choose their own item to buy for their own particular needs.

Despite this fact, gift cards have gotten somewhat of a bad reputation as a gift over the years. It’s certainly true that if you present it in the wrong way, a gift card can feel somewhat less “thoughtful” than getting your significant other the perfect gift – but we still think that giving gift cards is a fantastic idea, even on Valentine’s Day.

However, there are certainly some missteps you should avoid when buying gift cards for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. After all, the day is special – so it should feel special! And gift cards can be a great part of that.

So here are some basic tips on what to do if you’re looking at buying your significant other or partner a gift card on Valentine’s Day. As long as you keep these tips in mind while shopping for gifts, we’re sure that you’ll buy the perfect gift card for your particular situation, and that you’ll have a fantastic, romantic time on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Know Who You’re Buying For

The first step towards buying a gift card on Valentine’s Day – or any other holiday for that matter – is to know who you’re buying for. You don’t just want to know what kind of stores they like to shop at, you should also know their preferred merchandise and items, so that you can pick out a card that has enough balance to let them buy something special.

Some people say that gift cards take no thought to buy or can be used in any situation, but that’s totally untrue. After all, different kinds of gift cards can feel special. For example, a $20 McDonalds gift card probably won’t feel very special on Valentine’s Day – but a $100 gift card to Victoria’s Secret or Ralph Lauren would. There’s more thought in determining appropriate gift cards than most people would think.

This first step is also crucial because it can determine whether or not buying a gift card as a present is a good idea. Has your significant other ever talked about whether or not they like gift cards? If they think they’re good presents? This is very important. A gift card isn’t always the right present – even if you give a great gift card to your partner, they may not like it if they’re just not fans of gift cards in general.

Once you know the right stores, amounts, and other basic information about your significant other’s preferences, you can move on to buying a gift card.

  1. Buy The Right Gift Card

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Just knowing which stores your SO or partner prefers is not enough. You still have to make the right gift card choice. 100 bucks to might be a great Christmas gift card, but it doesn’t quite feel appropriate as a romantic gesture.

Generally, the right choice is going to be something that’s more romantic than practical. Think about what your SO likes – do they like fancy lingerie? Luxury clothing? Fancy restaurants?

All of this can help you pick the right gift card for the occasion. Every present gives off an impression – and that includes gift cards.

The experience of shopping with the gift card can be part of this. Men may like it if they get a great gift card to a luxury men’s clothing brand, because their significant others can accompany them and help them pick out clothing that they both love.

The same goes for women – a woman who gets a Victoria’s Secret gift card will almost certainly want to include her significant other in the shopping experience. That’s half the fun of these kinds of gift cards!

This goes double for gift cards to restaurants. A gift card to an expensive restaurant can be a great way to build up anticipation of the night out to come, and help make the experience truly special.

Whatever you pick, make sure that the gift card is suitable both for the person you’re buying it for – and the occasion that you’re celebrating.

  1. Make It Special

Despite how great gift cards are, they have a tendency to feel a bit routine when compared to a physical present. Humans simply have a harder time getting excited about abstraction. When we’re presented with physical objects, it’s easier for us to bond with them. It’s harder to do so when presented with a gift card. Even though we may appreciate it just as much, it’s harder to express that.

So when you decide to buy a gift card for Valentine’s Day, you need to make sure it’s special. That starts by choosing the right gift card for the right occasion – but making your gift card special doesn’t end there.

Pairing your gift card with a beautifully written or designed card can help you do this. Whether you’re writing your own card for your significant other, or purchasing one at Hallmark or any number of other greeting card stores, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a thoughtful, hand-written message.

A nice card with a sincere, romantic message can go a long way towards making a gift card special, especially if it makes it clear that you put thought into your gift.

Has your significant other mentioned something about needing a new jacket or shoes recently? Or about wanting to go to a particular restaurant? Making a note of that and mentioning it when you write your message on your card, or when you give it to your significant other is a great way to show that you’ve put real thought into your gift, and care about the needs of your partner.

Be romantic, be sincere, and be honest. That’s what Valentine’s Day is really about. Not about consumerism or gifts, but expressing affection to your loved one by lowering your guard and showing that you care for them, their needs, and their desires. If that’s the message your gift card and its accompanying card gives, you’re sure to be successful with your gift.

  1. Don’t Stop With A Gift Card

Just buying your loved one a gift isn’t enough on Valentine’s Day – so the same goes double for a gift card. Just buying a gift card and giving it to your loved one isn’t enough. It’s only part of the experience – there are a certain set of expectations that we all have for Valentine’s Day.

Buy flowers. Buy chocolates. Eat breakfast in bed, or go out for a special brunch. Make it clear that the entire day is about celebrating – celebrating the love that you and your partner have found. That’s what Valentine’s day is about.

Think about it. On special days like Valentine’s Day, getting a gift isn’t enough. Your significant other could hand you the keys to a new Ferrari, but if they did so without love, affection, and a true sense that they cared for you, you probably still wouldn’t be satisfied.

Gifts are not about the gifts themselves, but the thought and the meaning that cause people to give them to each other. In the case of Valentine’s Day, the reason is love. So whatever you do on Valentine’s day, emphasize this. The day is about the love that you share with your partner.

So buy flowers, chocolates, and candies. Plan a romantic night out at an expensive restaurant. Dress to the nines. Get a hotel room, a babysitter, or even plan on a weekend retreat that includes Valentine’s Day.

If you provide your significant other or partner with a great experience that proves that you value them and love them, it won’t matter what gift you give them. And that’s a good thing.

  1. Be Understanding – It Might Not Always Be The Right Gift  

So you gave your SO a gift card, and it went over great! You gave them flowers, a box of chocolates, made them breakfast in bed, gave them a personalized card that included a great gift card to their favorite store, and scheduled a day out and a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant. And your partner loved it. You had a wonderful time, and it was a romantic, fun-filled evening that helped you reinforce the bond that your love has forged. Great job!

Three months later, you’re looking at your significant other’s desk. The gift card you bought is sitting there, unopened and unused. This happens! It’s okay! You shouldn’t feel bad or offended if your SO hasn’t gotten around to spending a gift card.

As we said before, the meaning behind the gift is what’s really important when buying a Valentine’s Day gift, whether it’s a Ferrari or a $100 gift card. And the feeling that your partner got when they opened that card and saw how hard you worked to pick the right gift is real – even if they haven’t gotten around to using the card yet.

So it’s important to be understanding when you give your significant other a gift card. Maybe they meant to spend it, but just haven’t gotten around to it because they’re too busy, or they don’t shop at that particular store anymore.

If this is the case, don’t fret. Talk with your significant other about it – if they really don’t need the gift card, you can just sell it online, and give them cash instead, or use that money for a romantic dinner out, or whatever else you may need in your particular situation.

Getting rid of unwanted gift cards used to be difficult – your only real choice was to try to sell them to friends or family, and that can be awkward if the gift card in question was to Victoria’s Secret or another “romantic” shop, or a niche restaurant that not everyone around enjoys.

However, the internet has changed everything. Nowadays, there are plenty of gift card marketplaces, direct gift card buyers, and other options to which you can sell your gift cards. Even some physical vendors like CoinStar have begin accepting gift card trades, though at low rates.

So if you give a great gift card, but circumstances make it so that you and your significant other can’t spend it, or otherwise need cash instead of a gift card, you have plenty of options to choose from.

EJ Gift Cards is a fantastic choice, should you need to sell your gift cards. We offer instant payments over PayPal for just about every gift card, and very competitive rates on hundreds of different gift cards.

Other gift card buyers often make you wait days or weeks for payments via check or other slower methods of payment. But EJ Gift Cards allows you to get paid as soon as you enter the details of your card and sell it – or once you send us tracking information, should your card need to be mailed physically.

Buying Gift Cards On Valentine’s Day – A Great Choice!

Gift cards are a fantastic present for any holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Just remember – a great gift is about the attitude that’s behind it, and about how you present it to your significant other or partner.

So take your time and pick the right card, incorporate it into a day of fun, romantic activities, and give your partner plenty of other gifts – and plenty of love and affection. If you do, your gift is sure to be a success.

And if it turns out that your SO doesn’t need that particular gift card, don’t worry! Just visit EJ Gift Cards and sell it for cold, hard cash that you can use for whatever you want!