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The holiday season is drawing near, and if you’re wondering how to get cash for gift cards, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the process is simple, and you can have a stack of dollars in your hand before you know it. Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s smart to consider all of your options

When it comes to selling gift cards, you’ll want to consider all of your options. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t just walk into a pawn shop and sell your priceless family heirloom, would you? Probably not, and you shouldn’t be so cavalier with your gift cards, either!

When you’re considering how to get cash for gift cards, look at all of your options: consider all of your sales options, ranging from selling them to family members, selling them to friends, listing them on an online classifieds site, or selling them through a gift card sale website.

Knowing all of your options will help you make a smarter decision down the road.

2. Organize your cards from least- to most-valuable

Amazon cards are some of the most valuable gift cards out there, and organizing your cards in order of their value can help you understand what you can expect to get from each of them. While you may not get the same amount for every card, knowing roughly what to expect from each one allows you to budget yourself accordingly and anticipate how much cash you might get.

3. Trade all of your cards at once

Piecemeal cash is tough to keep up with. Instead of going this route, trade all of your gift cards at once for a simple and streamlined experience. Heck, you might also get more money from the process! In any event, it will definitely save you some stress!

4. Shop around

If you’ve decided to sell your card online, take a look at various sites. Because some sites offer more money for cards than others, it’s smart to know what your options look like and understand what to expect from each site before you set out to sell your cards.

5. Act fast

The longer delay, the longer it will take for you to get your cash. With this in mind, choose the route you want to take and act on it quickly. It will save you time and stress, and will help you get the gift card sale process over as quickly as possible.

6. Invite your friends and family

If you’ve all got gift cards lying around from last Christmas that you’re never going to use, invite other people to get involved in the effort. You can pool the cash from your cards and use it to do something fun, like take a Christmas trip, or buy gifts for one another this holiday season!

7. Consider keeping some of the cards

If there’s a card that could help you buy gifts for your friends or family over the holidays, consider keeping it! It’ll save you cash in the long run and may simplify the shopping process. Unless, that is, you have something in mind that the cash would be more helpful with.

8. Choose a reputable site

Choosing a reputable online site is one of the most helpful tips for people who want to sell gift cards online. In addition to the fact that this will make sell ing the card easier, it’s also a great way to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personal information and gift card value are in good hands.

9. Enjoy the process

Selling gift cards is a little bit like shopping, so enjoy the process! The holidays are filled with hustle and bustle and this is a great way to set yourself up for them without the added burden of unwanted cards, and with a bit of extra cash in your pocket!

10. Consider what you’ll do with other cards after the holidays

If you want to become a master of how to get cash for gift cards, start thinking now about what you’ll do with the other gift cards you’re bound to get this holiday season. If you don’t want them, consider trading them in for cash. The more you do it, the better you’ll get!

How to Get Cash for Gift Cards – the Easy Way!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get cash for gift cards, here are your answers! Online or in-person, these ten simple tips will help you enjoy the fun process before the holidays set in.