How to Get More Cash When Selling Gift Cards | EJ Gift Cards

If you’re considering selling gift cards, you want as much cash as possible for them – and rightfully so! If you don’t get enough money to cover your gift card’s value, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity! Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure you get all the cash you deserve when selling your gift cards.

Selling Your Gift Cards 101: How (and why) to do it

Trading in gift cards is a great way to take a gift card from a store or restaurant that would go to waste otherwise, and turn it into a profitable, valuable, exciting opportunity to earn some extra spending money. Plus, selling your cards is simple, and the entire process can be over in just a few minutes.

Finally, the decision to sell gift cards is a wonderful way to ensure you’re able to use the gifts your family and friends give you – without having to hurt their feelings by telling them the gift card they purchased is from a store you don’t like.

By trading your gift cards for money, you can take its cash value, and put it towards something that you actually want, or that will benefit your future pursuits or goals. In this way, trading in your gift cards is a unique opportunity to take a gift and make it more valuable.

How to Get the Most Money from Your Gift Cards

When it comes to turning that plastic into cash, far too many gift card owners assume they won’t get much for them, and wind up receiving only a fraction of what they’re entitled to. Luckily, you can avoid this by adhering to these proactive steps.

1. Sell your gift cards online

While there are many places to swap or sell your gift cards, such as vendors located in grocery stores and other physical locations, the best place to sell your gift cards is online. In addition to the fact that online vendors often pay more, selling them online is also a great way to expedite the process and make sure it’s as quick and easy as possible.

This, in turn, saves you time, energy, and stress, and helps to ensure that getting cash for your gift card is as simple as it’s meant to be.

2. Shop around for the right vendor

Even if you do sell your gift cards online, you’ll need to shop around to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Each online vendor is different, and some will offer more for your gift cards than others. With this in mind, take the time needed to do your research.

By shopping around, you can ensure that you’re finding the right vendor for you and that there’s not a better deal lying in wait elsewhere on the web.

3. Sell all of your gift cards at once

If you have multiple gift cards lying around, selling all of them at once is smart.

By grouping your various gift cards together into one large transaction, you’ll get the best rates for your gift cards while also ensuring that you’re not forgetting to sell any in the process.

4. Sell full gift cards rather than balances

If you can, it’s best to sell full gift cards rather than partially used gift cards. In addition to the fact that a higher balance means a higher payout, a greater balance also offsets costs, since many gift card vendors take a percentage as their charge for selling it.

With this in mind, selling full gift cards is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck from gift card balances.

5. Sell the right gift cards

Even though many companies offer gift card sale services, you’ll quickly realize that some gift cards aren’t accepted at some retailers. With this in mind, you’ll need to ensure that the gift cards you own are accepted at the vendor you choose. Valuable gift cards sell for more and are easier to get rid of, so make sure your gift cards are valid for purchase before you begin selling them.

By selling your gift cards online, you can get cash for your cards, and use it to do whatever you want!