How To Increase Sales With Coupons | EJ Gift Cards



According to the studies, 60 percent of the time spent online is on mobile devices.
Mobile devices have changed how we live our lives, how we interact with one
another, and how we generally act and behave as a society. It is not a secret
that every aspect of our lives has been revolutionized by mobiles.


Business owners have caught on this. Since everyone is so dependent on their mobile
devices, many app development agencies have taken advantages of this demand and
have taken steps towards planning app development that contains products related to people requests. This was the advent of mobile marketing. As of 2016, 83 percent of US-based companies increased their spending on mobile ads to take advantage of this trend.


One of the best avenues and opportunities that mobile marketing offers to marketers is the
use of coupons. Everyone loves a good deal, and everyone loves a bargain. Coupons play on the constant need of human beings to get the best deal they can, which is why they will never go out of fashion. Instead, they have evolved and made it onto mobile platforms. Today, it is possible to enormously increase sales and get more customers using coupons. Additionally, businesses provide multiple coupons from different brands and different products to attract clients and keep them coming back.


Tactica was able to share some interesting information with us “Studies have shown that two out of every three mobile users have used coupons, and do so regularly. Their popularity is only increasing. It is wise to get on the bandwagon and take advantage of it to increase sales in your business”. If this is what you want to do, this article will elaborate ways and methods you can use to increase sales using coupons.


Offer Personalized Coupons To Your Customers


A State of the Mobile Coupon Industry report found that 60% of Americans would be willing
to adopt mobile payment methods if coupons were offered. Another 39% said that if they got personalized coupons, they would spend more on that specific website. Offer the option of using coupons for purchases on your site, and make it possible to personalize these coupons. For example, you can offer tailor-made coupons based on what is in your customer’s cart. Or a coupon based on previous purchases. This will give a serious boost to your sales numbers.


Make Your Coupons Easy To Find


According to the study, almost 50% of mobile users said that they would like to be sent
to a coupon page immediately after clicking on your product page. 26% preferred an e-commerce page, while 25% preferred an app download page. Not many people
cater to the majority of the population, resulting in a poor user experience and low conversion rates.


Make Your Coupons Versatile


Give your customers options, especially when they can redeem the coupon. 65% of customers
redeem coupons immediately. However, 59% of consumers would like the option of waiting for a while before having to redeem the coupon. How about creating coupons that can be saved on your users’ mobile devices? This would build loyalty since they would have to come back to your website to redeem it. For example, Uber offers versatile coupons that can be redeemed whenever the client wants within a specific period.


Help Loyal Customers Save


People love being appreciated. You can use coupons to boost the loyalty of your customers.
According to the study, two out of three people say they would appreciate a business that has a loyalty program that helps loyal customers save on mobile purchases. Take advantage of this. Make your customers know that with you, they will end up saving more money than if they went to your competitors.


These are just a few methods you can use to boost your sales figures using coupons. You
need to be innovative and listen to your customers’ feedback. Companies that offer coupons cater to their customers’ needs with their coupons and they get appreciated for it. For example, Otofonix, which creates a hearing aid devices offers coupons for different special days to their subscribers.


There is a ton of data available to show just how big a difference using coupons can make
on your business. For example, statistics show that people who use coupons spend 114% more money online than people who do not. Coupon users also shop almost 50% more than those who do not use coupons. If you ignore these numbers, you will lose the race to winning a larger customer base, which means you will be losing a lot of revenue every day.


The importance of mobile marketing cannot be ignored. Employing innovative marketing solutions like the use of coupons is the one sure way of boosting sales. Do not be left behind. Start using coupons and watch them work their magic for your business.