Quick tips for choosing perfect gift cards | EJ Gift Cards

Giving a gift card is a great way to express our love, admiration, and appreciation for others, but sometimes it can be hard to pick the perfect card. If you’ve ever been stuck trying to pick the perfect gift card–don’t worry! We’ve got five tips on how to choose the perfect gift card for every occasion! Whether you are buying for a friend or family member, these tips will help you pick a card that is sure to please!

Tip #01: Consider the Recipient’s Interests and Hobbies

Too often, people buy gift cards that are more for them than they are for the recipient. Don’t make this mistake! Instead, choose a gift card that’s in line with the recipient’s interests, lifestyle, or hobbies. For example, if your friend is creative and loves spending time in art galleries, an art museum gift card would be a perfect choice! If your mum loves to cook, she might prefer a gift card to a grocery store or kitchen supply shop.

Tip #02: Think about the Occasion

Just as you would with any other gift, it’s important to consider the occasion when buying a gift card. For example, if it’s Mother’s Day or a birthday, a mushy gift card can be an excellent choice! However, if the occasion is more formal, like a wedding or a work event, it might be better to give something that will be appreciated year-round rather than just on one specific holiday.

Tip #03: Consider the Level of Your Relationship

Another thing to consider when choosing a gift card is the level of your relationship with the recipient. If you are close friends with the person, you might want to choose a more personal gift card, like one to their favorite restaurant or store. If you’re not very close, a more general gift card, like one to a large department store or cinema, might be a better choice.

Tip #04: Consider the Recipient’s Age

Age is another important factor to consider when choosing a gift card. For example, if you’re buying a gift card for a kid or teenager, it’s probably best to choose a gift card that has a fun factor. 

On the other hand, if you’re buying something for someone older, it might be better to choose a more practical gift card. For example, a person who has more life experience behind them already (such as a grandparent) might appreciate a gift card to their favorite restaurant more than a $50 gift card to the movies.

Tip #05: Consider the Recipient’s Financial Situation

When choosing a gift card, it’s also important to consider the recipient’s financial situation. If you are buying for someone on a tight budget, give them a gift card to their favorite grocery store or gas station! If you are buying for someone who has a bit more money, give them a gift card to their favorite clothing shop or department store.

These tips are time-tested and will guarantee you find the perfect gift card every time!

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