How to Sell an Amazon Gift Card | EJ Gift Cards

As the holidays are coming up, people around the country are wondering if it’s possible to sell an Amazon gift card for cash. Fortunately, the answer is yes!

Known as “the Everything Store,” Amazon is one of the most valuable retailors out there, and selling your Amazon gift cards is a great way to get some extra funds for the holidays or just get rid of something you’re never going to use.

With this in mind, here are a few smart tips to make the trade and get on with your life!

1. Use a social media platform to trade or sell your card

While it’s not an option many people know about, social media platforms like Reddit are great for trading or selling gift cards. In fact, Reddit has a whole section of the site dedicated solely to people who want to swap out their cards for cash or other gift cards.

To use this feature of social media, just post the details of your Amazon card and tell people how much you want for it. Cash exchanges are made via PayPal, but it’s also possible to negotiate with other Redditors to swap your card for one you’d rather have.

2. Upsell your card on eBay

Did you know that you can sell an Amazon gift card for more than it’s worth on eBay? Again, the holidays are coming up and this is one of the most in-demand times for Amazon cards. With this in mind, consider listing your card for $10 or $20 over its face value on eBay.

This is a practice that Amazon is aware of, and many Amazon users have even taken to the forum to discuss why, exactly, Amazon cards are so valuable on eBay.

Even if you’d rather not list your card for more than its face value, it’s always possible to list them for face value and get rid of them quickly using a site like eBay.

3. See if you can trade your card back to Amazon for cash

Amazon is a company that’s well-known for its outstanding customer service. With this in mind, they may just let you swap your gift card back for cash if you ask them nicely. To see if this is an option for you, just call Amazon’s customer service line and ask what your options are. They occasionally purchase gift cards from customers and may offer to take yours off of your hands.

4. Sell your card to a qualified gift card reseller

If none of the above options appeal to you, consider selling your gift card to a qualified reseller. One of the safest and easiest ways to get rid of your unwanted or unneeded gift cards, these options are used by thousands of people each year.

While many people believe that the process is involved or difficult, it’s actually quite simple: just head to the company’s website, enter in your gift card information, get an instant quote, accept it, and get a deposit into your PayPal account

One of the best ways to grab some extra money for the holidays, this is a quick and painless way to get those Amazon gift cards out of your junk drawer and put them to good use.

5. Sell your card to a friend or relative

If you’d rather keep the gift card re-sale process low-tech, consider asking around in your group of friends and relatives. One of them may be more than willing to give you a bit of money to take your Amazon card, and it’s likely that it could be of more use to someone else than it will be to you. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to send out an email or a text asking if anyone’s interested, and you may just find that you get more reception than you had anticipated!

Selling an Amazon Gift Card: 5 Smart Options

Whether you choose to swap your card online, sell it to a friend, or trade it back to the issuer for cash, there are many ways to get rid of unwanted and unused cards and put some extra money in your pocket for gifts, holiday festivities, or time with loved ones. While not all of these options are right for everyone, finding the one that fits with your goals is a great way to be proactive about your gift cards and make sure they’re giving you back what you deserve.