How to Trade Cards With Friends | EJ Gift Cards

If you’re interested in gift card trading, you’re not alone. While there are dozens of ways to trade gift cards online, some people prefer to keep it simple and opt for a person-person approach.

While this might not be what some people call “standard,” it’s a smart way to get rid of unwanted gift cards without wasting any time or effort. Instead of running around the web, trying to find the best site to trade the card, you simply stay in the comfort of your own home or town, and find someone there to help you swap out your cards.

Keep in mind, though, that in these cases, there are some definite how-tos when it comes to gift card trading.

Read on.

Why Choose Gift Card Trading?

If you’ve got unwanted gift cards but you’re not sure what to do with them, gift card trading is a great way to get rid of them without ever having to go online. It’s quick, it’s personal, and it’s a great way to bond with your friends and family, as well. If you’re interested in taking this approach, follow the steps in this guide for a smooth and streamlined process.

Gift Card Trading 101: How to Get Rid of Your Gift Cards Quickly

To start gift card trading, follow these tips:

Find friends with similar interests

Gift card trading works best when you do it with people who have similar interests to you. Whether your gift card is to a clothing store, a restaurant, or a local retailer, it will be much easier to find a good match if you look for a friend or family member who enjoys the same things and is likely to not only want your gift card, but also to have a desirable card to offer you in return.

Know the details of your card

Gift card trading only works when both parties know all of the details of their cards. With this in mind, you’ll need to collect information like the face value and pin (if there is one) of your card. These things will help you ensure accurate trades and will prevent one of you from getting home only to realize that the gift card has a lower face value than expected!

Arrange the circumstances of the trade

If you and your chosen friend have gift cards of varying worth, you’ll need to arrange the details of the trade to ensure that you’re both getting a fair trade. For example, an Amazon gift card is more valuable than gift cards to most restaurants, and you may need to trade two for one or vice versa to ensure that everyone is getting adequate gift card value and that nobody winds up disappointed.

Say “Thank You”

While it’s a small thing, saying thank you during a gift card trade can go a long way toward making the process more enjoyable and rewarding for both sides. IT’s a special thing to be able to trade gift cards with a close friend, and saying thank you will demonstrate that you care and, more importantly, that you’d welcome the opportunity to do it again!

Keep the lines of communication open

During a gift card trade, it’s important to ensure that you’re leaving the lines of communication open. When you have gift cards to trade, give your friends a call and ask them to do the same. Over time, these simple acts of communication will grow up into a robust strategy for gift card exchange that can benefit not only your friend and you, but your entire social circle if you bring more people into it.

Know your other options

Of course, trading cards with friends isn’t the only gift card trading option out there. If you prefer to take a different route, look into online gift card exchange sites, in-store card kiosks, online communities, and more. These are all wonderful options for gift card trading, and they can offer more variety and better trades than a simple in-person transaction.

Gift Card Trading Made Simple

While gift card trading is a common practice, many people aren’t sure where to start. Between the struggle to find someone to trade with and the difficulty that comes with not knowing how much to trade a card for, trading gift cards can be tough, and these smart tips will help streamline it for you and your acquaintances. Whether you’re trading Amazon gift cards, Apple gift cards, or cards to any other online or in-person retailer, these gift card trade tips make it a simple process.