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In the works

We're working tirelessly to give you the best deals possible because that's exactly what you deserve. Here are some exciting features/products you can look forward to:

🔥 Now Available

Gift Cards Partner APIs v1.0.0

The EJGC Partner APIs allow application developers to develop apps that interact with EJGC resources such as managing and creating sell orders, interacting with our instant trade apis as well as doing automatic balance verification of gift cards. Our first public api will focus on sellers or app developers looking to create or manage SELL ORDERS. If you would like to know more about our instant trade apis and instant balance verification apis please send us an email to

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Ej Gift cards Sellers Mobile APP v1.0.0 - 🔥 Now Available

Sell Your Gift cards on the go! The EJ Giftcards Seller App is now available on Google Play and App stores.

Ej Gift Cards Rebrand and Website Revamp

coming soon

Ready for a new and cooler look? EJGC will be rebranding very soon and hence introducing a fresh, new, more improved experience and technology for your daily gift cards transactions.