Is it safe to Sell a Gift Card Online? | EJ Gift Cards

While the decision to sell a gift card online has recently become a popular tactic for people who don’t want to use their cards, but aren’t willing to allow them to go to waste in a drawer, many people still have concerns about whether or not the approach is safe. Is there a way to do it without putting personal information at risk? How do you know you won’t get scammed out of your sales price? Is there any sort of guarantee you can count on?

Today, we’re going to break down why it’s safe to sell a gift card online, and what you should know about the process

How to Sell a Gift Card Online: The Safe Way

While it’s true that selling gift cards on the web could put your personal information at risk, these six tips will help keep it safe:

1. Use PayPal or another verified payment site

One of the worst things you could do if you wanted to sell a gift card on the web is to just hand over your personal bank account information. While it may seem like nobody does that, it’s a real risk that could result in a disastrous loss. With this in mind, the first step you should take to make the online sale of gift cards safe is to always use a verified payment site that encrypts your personal data. This is especially true if you choose to sell the card on your own instead of going through a verified reseller or a qualified card trade-in site.

2. Make use of the online gift card boom to stay safe

Today, selling a gift card online is a common choice and, as such, there are dozens of sites designed to facilitate it. Aside from using a verified payment encryption method to keep your financial data safe, this is the second most critical option for anyone who wants to sell their cards online.

By using a certified reseller or going through a card-specific trade-in website, you can verify that you’re working with professionals who care deeply about your personal data, and won’t put your payment or your information at risk.

What’s more, this is often one of the quickest ways to sell gift cards, so it can be a fantastic option for anyone who wants to get in and out quickly.

3. Avoid shoddy sites for best results

When selling anything online, avoid sites that have poor reviews or no reviews at all. These sites are likely unscrupulous, and may damage your gift card sales process from the get-go. What’s more, there’s a higher risk of identity theft or similar occurrences with a site like this than there are with more professional and tested sites.

4. Sell gift cards in batches

A great way to keep yourself safe and make the best possible use of your cards is to sell them in batches. Instead of selling them one by one, gather them up and sell a bunch of them all at once. This helps you get more money for your cards and, when you choose a qualified trade-in site, can help the process be quicker and more streamlined.

5. Do your research

While selling a gift card online is a very safe process, it’s always smart to do your research. Look into the sites that you intend to use before you commit to them and check customer reviews carefully. These simple tips can go a long way toward keeping your information safe, and will help ensure that your gift card sales process is simple and enjoyable – from start to finish.

6. Use your common sense

Common sense can go a long way to protect you when you’re in the process of trading gift cards online. Always remember that if something seems fishy, it probably is. This means that people asking for too-personal information, asking you to mail a card upfront, or anything else that seems off should be evaluated carefully. A bit of common sense is critical to help ensure you’re not being taken advantage of and that your online card sales are always safe and fast.

Sell a Gift Card Online With Peace of Mind

If you’re looking to get rid of your gift cards on the web, these six simple tips can help you stay safe and enjoy a simple process – from beginning to end.