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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Don’t worry – you didn’t miss it! This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14, so you’ve got plenty of time to pick out a fantastic gift for mom, and thank her for everything she’s done in your life.

Mother’s Day is truly a special time. It’s very important to take a day out of the year and really think about all of the sacrifices our mothers have made for us, and what they’ve done for us to ensure that we can have a good life.

That’s why it’s so important to give mom a gift on Mother’s Day. Make no mistake – she doesn’t expect you to lavish her with a ton of fancy luxuries. As with every other gift, it’s truly the thought that counts.

Giving a great gift to your mom on Mother’s Days is just a simple way of acknowledging everything that she’s done for you. Whether you spend $50 or $5,000, your mom will appreciate the gesture.

So what should you give your mom? Well, gift cards are a fantastic choice! Giving your mother a gift card is a great way to show your appreciation for everything that she’s done for you over the years, and allow her to choose a gift that she’ll love. You don’t have to worry about buying her something she already has, or picking the wrong gift.

But you can’t just buy any gift card for Mother’s Day, and you should do more than just hand her a gift card. In this guide, we’ll talk about ways that you can make your gift truly special to your mother, and then discuss some of the best gift card options for Mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Gifting 101 – It’s Not Really About The Gift Card!

Here’s the biggest thing you have to realize about giving your mom a gift card – or any gift – on Mother’s Day. The gift card is not that important. Confused? You shouldn’t be.

Of course, it’s a great idea to give your mom a gift card that she’ll love, and that she can use on a great gift for herself. But to moms, Mother’s Day isn’t really about gifts at all. It’s all about feeling appreciated by those around them – about being recognized by their families for all the hard work they do.

Because of this, just handing your mom a gift card isn’t really enough to make her feel appreciated. Here are a few ways you can make your gift feel much more special, and give your mom, the Mother’s Day that she deserves.

Write A Letter To Mom With Your Card

If you really want to make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day, a Hallmark card isn’t going to cut it. If you write a heartfelt letter to your mother and include it with your gift card, you’re sure to make her feel appreciated, and bring tears of joy to her eyes.

This is an especially great idea if you can’t make it home for Mother’s Day. Maybe you live far away, or your schedule just won’t let you see your mom in person. Sending a great gift card with an honest letter that expresses your appreciation for your mom is a great way to show her that you care – even if you can’t be with her for Mother’s Day.

This is also a fantastic way to make your wife feel special, especially if she’s a new mom. Tell her how much you love her, and how much you admire her dedication to her children. She’ll love the letter, and appreciate for years to come.

You don’t have to be a fantastic writer, or use poetic language to write a great letter to your mom, or to the mother of your children.

Be honest in the letter. Tell her that you love her, that you appreciate her, and that she’s special to you. That’s all you need to do to give her the best Mother’s Day she’s ever had.

Do Something As A Family

Mother’s Day is a time for togetherness. If you live near your family, it’s a great idea to get everyone together and have some fun on Mother’s Day. That’s what moms really want – they want to spend time with their children and their loved ones, and enjoy their company.

You could have a picnic at the local park, grill out in your backyard, or go to a fancy restaurant for Sunday brunch. It doesn’t really matter what you do – just that you’re doing it together, and making your mom feel special.

And when you and your family are all spending time together, take a moment before you start giving gifts to talk about mom. Talk about what she means to you, how much you love her, and how special she is. Family is everything to a mom. So focus on family, and she’s sure to have a great Mother’s Day – no matter what gifts she receives.

Give Mom A Day Off

It’s very rare for moms to truly get a day off – especially new moms. Even on weekends, most moms are still dealing with cooking, cleaning, spills, taking kids to sporting events, and dozens of other tasks. So, this Mother’s Day, give mom a day off. This is an especially great way to show appreciation for new moms.

Take care of everything for her. Do the laundry. Wash the dishes. Cart kids around to soccer games. Get takeout for dinner. Serve her breakfast in bed. Make sure that mom can enjoy Mother’s Day stress-free, and responsibility-free.

This is an especially great idea if you’re a married couple with kids. You can take care of your wife’s normal responsibilities while she has the opportunity to truly relax. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for everything that moms do every day, and she’ll love that you’re taking care of everything for her.

It’s The Thought That Counts – But Choosing A Great Gift Card Helps!

The above three ideas for Mother’s Day activities are sure to be successful. Whether you’re looking to pamper your own mother, or want to show appreciation for the mother of your children, the above ideas are sure to help you make this Mother’s Day an unforgettable event.

But tradition is tradition – and most moms expect some kind of gift on Mother’s Day. So, to help you pick the right gift card, we’ve put together a list of some of the best gift cards you can buy for Mother’s Day.

  • Spas – A gift card or a gift certificate to a local spa is a fantastic gift for Mom. You can give her a chance to relax, de-stress, and feel beautiful and appreciated – without feeling guilty about spending money on a luxury. 

    Many moms feel an obligation to take care of their kids and their families above everything else – including themselves. If you give the gift of a full spa day to your mom or your wife, you can give her the joy of a totally pampered day – with no guilt!

  • Luxury Restaurants – Gift cards to luxury restaurants are also a great idea on Mother’s Day, because they give moms an excuse to get dressed up, and have a night out on the town. These gift cards offer more than just monetary value. They offer an experience. Whether you’re treating your own mother to a night out on the town, or you want to make your wife feel special (and get away from the kids), a gift card to her favorite restaurant is a fantastic restaurants gift card
  • Shoe Stores – What mom doesn’t love shoes? Giving a gift card to a shoe store like Payless is a great way to let moms splurge on themselves, and pick up that pair of pumps or heels that they’ve had their eyes on for the last couple months. 

    Remember, moms always put their families first – so giving them a chance to spend on things that they want – guilt-free – is always a sure-fire recipe for success when choosing a gift card for Mother’s Day!

  • Department Stores – On Mother’s Day, it’s the thought that counts – so choosing a gift card to mom’s favorite department store is a fantastic idea. If your mother or your wife has a preferred department store where she loves to shop, get her a gift card, take the kids for the day, and let her shop until she drops! 

    She’ll love the opportunity to browse through all the products at her favorite store at her leisure, and she’ll be able to buy some great new stuff that will make her feel special.

  • Coffee Shops – Is there any mom out there who doesn’t like coffee? That’s what we thought! Gift cards to coffee shops like Starbucks offer a perfect opportunity for moms to treat themselves every day, making them a fantastic choice for busy moms who can always use a caffeine fix. 

    Gift cards to coffee shops also last quite a while. A $50 gift card to Starbucks can easily stretch out to 10 trips, so moms will have a little something to look forward to for weeks to come!

  • Home Goods Stores – Buying a gift card to a home goods store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a great choice for Mother’s Day. Giving mom practical gifts – rice cookers, griddles, pans, or other such appliances – for Mother’s Day may seem like a good idea, but these gifts often don’t feel very special, because mom didn’t pick them out herself. 

    A gift card to a home good store allows mom to buy whatever she wants. She can get a rice cooker if she wants one – or she could get that plush, luxury bathrobe that she’s been eyeing! Allowing her to choose her own gift is a great way to ensure that your Mother’s Day is a success!

  • Discount Apparel Stores – If you really want to stretch your Mother’s Day dollar, buying a gift card to a discount apparel store like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls is a fantastic choice. 

    These stores offer everyday low prices on home goods, apparel, shoes, makeup, and more – and because their prices are so low, mom can really splurge during her shopping spree without feeling guilty! She’ll be able to get a half-dozen items that she loves – for the price of a single designer blouse at an upscale department store.

  • Amazon – Amazon gift cards are a particularly great choice for new moms – because they can be spent from the comfort of your own home. New moms can have trouble finding time to shop for themselves, so the ability to quickly order items online and have them shipped straight to their door can be a huge deal. 

    There are, of course, hundreds of different gift cards that you could buy for moms this Mother’s Day. But in our opinion, these cards are at the top of the heap. So buy your mother or your wife one of these gift cards, make her feel special, and she’s sure to have a memorable mother’s day, and feel truly appreciated.

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