10 Ways to Repurpose iTunes Gift Cards | EJ Gift Cards

Which songs did you listen to during childhood? What about during your teen years?

In all likelihood, several songs came flashing back into your mind. Music provides a strong addition to our memories and allows people to make connections to many different seasons and occurrences in their lives. Almost everyone finds music to be an important part of life.

As your interests have developed, you have likely found many artists and songs you love. You have also probably cycled through many methods of listening to music—from tape decks and CD players to streaming and downloading.

You may also be interested in playing music yourself, whether it was in a band class in high school or a group of friends recording cover songs in college. You may still play, finding time with the guitar soothing and relaxing.

One popular way you may access music is iTunes—but there are so many more streaming services available in recent years that iTunes cards you’ve received may not be of much value anymore. Instead of using them for a method of listening to music you may not truly need, consider a different option. You can sell your iTunes gift cards online and receive cash in exchange.

There are so many music-related ways to spend the money you earn back, as well. Here are 10 of the best ways to use your iTunes card money to keep your love for music going.

Sell iTunes Gift Cards Online for Concert Tickets

How often do you find yourself gravitating toward live albums recorded by your favorite bands? The live versions always include some improvisation, quips by the band members themselves, and a raw quality not present in studio recordings. Those studio versions are great, but a recorded live version of a song can give you a new sense of what the song and band are like.

To sell iTunes gift cards online, simply gather your cards and move through the easy steps toward payment. Payout is instant, so it’ll be readily available for use. The next step? Check your favorite band’s tour schedule.

When you find a show near your area, you’ll have the funds to purchase tickets and enjoy a live music experience like none other. Instead of listening to live recordings, you’ll get to experience the feel of the band, the energy of a large crowd, and the excitement of singing along with your favorite songs.

Buying concert tickets is a great way to support the music and musicians you love, but many people don’t have the funds to go to concerts. By trading in your iTunes cards, you can get some extra cash for shows, interacting with a night of music in a new way.

Take in a Show on Stage

Some of your favorite songs may have actually gotten their start not in a studio or writers’ room but on stage. Broadway and other musicals have taken their places in the hearts of so many people as they grew up. There are likely musicals you watched on tape at home during your childhood, and their songs come back to you if you hear a few bars of their tunes.

If you have extra money from selling your iTunes gift cards, you can check local theatre schedules to see what’s on stage. There are often great shows around the holiday season, as well, which makes a perfect celebratory night out.

Experiencing song on stage offers an entirely different way of enjoying music. Each song is a part of a story, and the actors singing the songs bring life to their stories. With some extra funds, you can hear your favorite musical tales and see how song and story interact.

Learn About the History of Music

In many big cities, there are museums dedicated to the history of music in the area. Whether it’s country music, rock and roll, or a specific musician, these venues provide a fun way to learn about how the music you love came to be.

You can listen to music at museums from all eras, check out memorabilia, and read up on how the history of music impacted other historical events happened simultaneously. What better way to spend some extra cash than to deepen your appreciation of the music that has made its mark on your life?

From stage costumes and clothing to antique guitars and more, museums allow us to have an up-close look at the lives of our favorite musicians and time periods. Where else can you see a sparkling dress worn by a country singer or signed guitar used during a legendary concert? Use some spending money to bring yourself closer to the making of the music itself.

Improve Your Own Collection of Instruments

If you’re a musician yourself, take a look at your collection of instruments and accessories. Is your guitar strap fraying, or are you down to your last guitar pick? Maybe you’ve had the same one since you started playing, or it’s about time to replace the strings of your guitar. If it’s not as common as the guitar, perhaps your instrument needs cleaning or tuning.

When you sell iTunes gift cards online, you can use the cash you earn back to attend to your own ways of making music. Instead of ignoring needs for tuning, cleaning, or maintenance, you can be sure your guitar or other instrument is in top shape.

This will ensure that the music you’re making yourself is of top quality. You want to be certain you have all the materials you need in order to play your best, and using some extra cash can get you there easily.

Update Your Music-Related Software

So much of your enjoyment of music now happens through your computer. From using streaming services to downloading songs and podcasts, your computer must be up to date in order to keep up with how music is shared and distributed.

Sometimes, though, it takes extra funds to make that happen. It might be a computer repair or new program addition. Perhaps you want to purchase a music editing software update or add additional hard drive space.

In order to make these extra purchases, sell your iTunes gift cards online. If you aren’t using them to purchase songs, exchange them for funds you can use to make your technology work toward an efficient way of listening to music. If you truly love music, it’s best to have the appropriate computer programs to do so.

Subscribe to Your Favorite Streaming Service

There are a lot of streaming services online that provide their tools free of charge—at least to an extent. But there are usually other features and benefits available for an additional charge. How often have you decided just to go with the free version because spending money isn’t possible?

By selling your iTunes gift cards, though, you can use that additional cash in order to start a subscription to your favorite streaming service. With a month or two funded, you will likely enjoy the new features and tools provided so much that you’ll continue your subscription.

From access to more songs and artists to the ability to listen anywhere, a subscription to an online music source is crucial for those who love music. These services seem to be in the future of how we listen to music overall, so keeping up with the most recent features will serve you well.

Make Your Technology Work for You

Remember carrying that big, clunky CD player around growing up? You likely still have an old iPod lying around the house, too. Incredible gains have been made over the years in terms of listening to music—it’s not all iTunes and iPods anymore.

There are so many apps and programs available to purchase, but often we settle for free apps and technology we can use for a lot of different purposes. Instead of basing the entirety of your music listening and enjoyment on your phone, sell your iTunes gift cards online and put the money toward a new appliance.

This could be an app that only sells for a certain cost, without a free version available. It could be putting money aside for a larger purchase, such as an iPad or notebook computer, both designed for the music-related tasks you want to complete. Either way, some extra money from gift cards you aren’t using can get you to a place of having technology that works best for your music needs.

Hone Your Skills in a Music Class

There’s always room to improve when it comes to any art form. Don’t operate on the skills you learned when you first learned the basics of playing your instrument—invest in updating those skills!

But to take a class from a professional musician is an investment. It’s a valuable one, as you’ll be working with an expert, but it’s a cost nonetheless. If you aren’t using iTunes gift cards, trading them in for cash offers a fund for courses you can take.

If you invest in a course to update your skills, there will be more songs you can tackle and more opportunities that may come your way. What if connecting with an expert leads to improvement that earns you a gig at your favorite local spot? Even if it’s simply a set at a coffee shop, better skills can open up chances to share your music with others.

Support the Arts in Your City

Every city brings arts programs to the table. Usually, they are government-funded programs and nonprofits, and they are responsible for connecting residents to the music opportunities available in their cities. They all have one quality in common: they are usually underfunded and can always use volunteers and donations.

These programs offer events for children to learn about music and the arts, put on shows in unique locations, offer grants to local organizations, and more. Overall, they make sure that the arts, including music, are impacting the lives of everyday citizens. They may go largely under the radar, but they are a major part in establishing a palpable energy within the cities you know and love.

If you sell iTunes gift cards online, those cards you haven’t used after receiving them years ago, you can use the funds to support these local arts organizations. For those who hold music and the arts dear, helping others to enjoy the same music you do can be incredibly fulfilling. You will be able to leave a legacy for other residents for years to come.

Lend a Hand to New Artists You Love

As new artists begin their careers, they are often low on money, creating their art on a low budget and going without amenities themselves. They can begin to rely on patrons to support their art and help them reach for new opportunities. Even travel donations can help cover expenses as they move from city to city.

If you have discovered a new artist, consider supporting them financially with money you earn back from iTunes cards. Whether that’s buying concert tickets, their merchandise, or donating through a crowdfunding page, every little bit counts. While you won’t be purchasing downloads of their music, you will be helping their careers to take off and supporting the music you find valuable.

We all have those iTunes cards buried in a purse or drawer that we don’t find useful anymore. For the person who loves music, there are so many ways to trade the cards in and still enjoy a music-related purchase. To sell iTunes gift cards online, follow the simple steps and earn cash back immediately.

From there, it takes just a bit of reflection to figure out which next purchase would help you to connect more fully with the music you love. Whether it’s a new class, a trip to a museum, or a technology upgrade, the additional cash in your pocket will enhance your musical involvement. Take the first step and find those gift cards today!