The Pros and Cons of Gift Card Trade | EJ Gift Cards

If you’re riddled with unwanted gift cards, and you don’t want them to go to waste, it’s smart to consider gift card trade. Designed to help people swap their unwanted gift cards for more valuable options, gift card trade is a popular trend among people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

If you’ve ever considered gift card trade, here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons, and when you should take advantage of it.

The Benefits of Gift Card Trade

Gift card trade offers many unique advantages, including flexibility, value, and simplicity. Received a gift card you won’t use – no problem! Just trade it in for one you will. Got a gift card to a specific merchant, but that merchant doesn’t have a location in your area? Use gift card trade to get a card for a retailer you can access. Just want to use the funds on your gift card toward something you’ve lusted after from a different seller? Gift card trade can help you make that dream a reality.

Designed to help people take the value of the gift cards they’ve been given as presents and turn them into functional funds they can use the way they want, gift card trade is ideal for someone who intends to use a gift card, but just doesn’t like the merchant the gift card is currently associated with.

Thanks to the rise in the popularity of gift card trade, it’s become a fast, streamlined option that typically takes less than a few minutes from start to finish. What’s more, it’s a very simple process, so you don’t have to be a tech genius to make it work for you.

What’s more, gift card trade doesn’t have to be public knowledge, so you can get rid of an unwanted gift card that was given to you as a present without the person who gave you the gift card finding out about it. This prevents anyone getting their feelings hurt and makes it easy to get what you need from a gift without alerting the person who gave it to you that you wanted something different.

This makes exchanging your gifts simpler and more streamlined than ever before and allows you to discretely exchange gift cards for cash or credit to a more desirable institution.

The Cons of Gift Card Trade

While there aren’t may cons of gift card trade, some people might find that the selection of retailers available for gift card trade is minimal, or that the process takes a bit longer than they’d like. Some people are also uncomfortable with the idea of giving out their personal information to facilitate the gift card trade, and would rather sell the gift card straight across for cash on a site where no personal information is required.

These concerns are typically minimal, though, and it’s possible to enjoy the perks of gift card trade without running into the potential cons all too often.

When to Use Gift Card Trade

Gift card trade is a great idea for anyone who has received a gift card that they won’t use. While you can take advantage of trading a gift card at virtually any time after you’ve received it, it’s often smartest to trade the gift card right after you’ve received it, since that’s the time when you’re likely to get the best value and enjoy the highest trade-in price.

When it comes to planning gift card trade, you don’t have to think that far in advance. Often, the trade takes just a few minutes to complete. Even transactions that include several gift cards are quick and simple to conduct, and you’ll be in and out in less time than it would take to shop for a new gift card.

How to Start Gift Card Trade

If you’re interested in beginning gift card trade, EJ Gift Cards is the best place to start. Our simple interface makes it easy to plug in your merchant, enter your card’s information, and get an immediate quote.

Once you’ve done that, the cash should be in your account in a matter of days.

While gift card trade is very simple, the key to a successful experience is to work with a retailer you can trust. Because you’ll be asked to input some personal information and relinquish your gift card to get your new one, you need to partner with a reliable site that has a long reputation of conducting successful gift card trades.

To swap your unwanted gift card out for a new one, contact EJ Gift Cards today. We’re here to walk you through every step!