4 Actionable Gift Card Trade Tips | EJ Gift Cards

Gift card trade has become a popular way for people to swap out unwanted gift cards and find the cards they want for the stores they love. For many people, though, the process can be a bit confusing, and it helps to have some professional tips to guide the way.

So whether it’s your first time doing a gift card trade, or you just want to get smarter during your next transaction, these four tips are for you.

4 Gift Card Trade Tips for Increased Value and Enjoyment

While trading an unwanted or unused gift card is an effective way to get the most bang for your buck, these four tips can help take that a step further:

1. Understand which cards are the most valuable

Some cards are just more valuable than others. This is true for several reasons. For example, a card to a highly versatile retailer, like Amazon, will likely be more valuable than one to a very specific retailor, like Outback Steakhouse.  What’s more, cards that link to electronics sites, such as iTunes, typically have a higher resale value than cards for goods or food.

With this in mind, knowing which cards and retailers are the most valuable is a great way to start getting the most from your trade transactions. If you have several low-value cards that you’d like to trade for a high-value card, it’s smart to go into it knowing just how many cards will get you the valuable card you want.

Likewise, it’s smart to know all the options you have when trading a high-value card for several lower-value cards, since this will allow you to pick and choose according to your priorities and desires.

2. Beware of cards sold in-store

While it’s not a direct trade, many people sell a gift card they don’t want and then use that money to go purchase a gift card they do want from a place like a grocery or convenience store. Unfortunately, these in-person cards are a hot target for crooks.

In a store setting, the cards are sitting on highly trafficked displays, it’s easy enough for people to manipulate the sleeves to steal the numbers, or even scratch off the material on the back to reveal the pin. Both of these approaches allow scammers to steal the gift card before it’s ever even sold, which can be a disappointing surprise for consumers. While this doesn’t happen incredibly often, it’s a growing scam, and it’s affected numerous people already. Plus, since it’s a crime that often allows the perpetrators to slip off unnoticed, it’s very tough to find the people who may be doing it.

Because of this, it’s smart to buy gift cards through certified trade and re-selling sites, instead of trying your luck at a store. This is especially true because, once a card’s information has been stolen, there’s not much anyone can do to refund money or seek justice, and the card-holder is often left out in the cold.

3. Search for used cards

Used gift cards are a great way to get the most bang for your buck. While there are numerous opportunities to buy cards new, finding them used can save you approximately 30% off face value. With this in mind, it’s a great option for anyone who is looking to trade high-value cards for numerous low-value ones, or find certain cards to give as gifts to friends and loved ones.

4. Shop around for the best platform

There are many places to work on a gift card trade, but finding the right one for you is critical. While most sites function essentially the same, some offer faster payment than others, and some may provide better payments for the retailer in question. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to do your research before you make a decision. It will help you get the highest return for your gift card and enjoy a better variety of options for your unique circumstances.

Whether you simply won’t use the gift card you’ve been given or you’d rather have one to a different store or establishment, trading the gift card in question, can be simple, streamlined, effective, fun, and valuable. Trading a gift card out for a different one is a great way to have your cake and eat it, too. With these four simple tips, it’s easy to enjoy a high ROI from your traded gift cards, and walk through the entire process quickly and easily, from beginning to end.