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Mother’s day is coming up quickly. This May, mothers and grandmothers all around the world will be given gifts by their children and grandchildren – and they will be honored for their devotion, love, and the care that they have shown their loved ones.

Picking a great gift for your grandmother, or helping your kids pick out a gift for their grandma, is not always easy. It can be hard to know what the right gift is – and you may be at a loss, and unable to pick a present.

Well, never fear! At EJ Gift Cards, we’re gift-giving experts. And we’re here with a guide that is sure to help you pick out the right gift card for Grandma. We’ll discuss gift-giving advice for Grandma, and talk about some of the best choices you can give her on Mother’s Day.

Let’s get started!

Giving A Gift To Grandma For Mother’s Day – Our Tips And Guidelines

Before we dive into our top gift card choices for grandmas in 2018, we should discuss the basics guidelines of giving gifts to Grandma this Mother’s Day. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when picking out a gift for Grandma.

Before you head out to a store that sells Target gift cards or sells Nordstrom gift cards, take a look at these tips – and make sure you get the right gift!

  • Make it personal, with a note or a letter – This is probably the single most important thing you can do when you’re giving a gift card to Grandma for Mother’s Day. Chances are, the gift itself is not too important to her. A great gift card to a favorite store or service is always appreciated, of course – but getting a gift is not the true meaning of the holiday.

    The true purpose of Mother’ Day is to give us a time when we can express our true feelings and appreciation to our mothers – and grandmothers. Because of this, you should make your gift to Grandma personal.

    If you’re giving a gift to your own grandmother, writing a heartfelt note or a hand-written letter about some of your favorite times together is a great idea. You don’t have to be Shakespeare – just make it clear how much you appreciate your Grandma, and she’s sure to love her gift, no matter what it is.

    If your kids are giving a gift to their Grandma, a great way to make it personal is to have them all collaborate on a handmade card. Grab some cardstock or construction paper, some crayons and markers, and let them go wild, and create a unique message to Grandma. She’s sure to love it, and hold onto it for years to come.
  • Choose a gift card that lets you spend time as a family OR… – You may want to consider getting Grandma a gift card that is meant to help her spend time with family members. For example, you could give her a gift card to a movie theater and a nearby restaurant, and suggest that she takes the kids out to the latest Disney flick, and for lunch (and ice cream!) afterward. There’s nothing that Grandmas like more than spending time with their grandkids, so this is sure to be a hit.
  • Choose a gift card that lets Grandma get some alone time – The opposite approach can also be a great idea. If Grandma has been busy with work, social events, or grandkids, giving her a gift card that lets her get a breather is a great idea. You can give a gift card to a spa, or to one of her favorite stores – and she can take the time to enjoy herself away from her responsibilities.
  • Spend time with Grandma on Mother’s Day – If you live near Grandma, you should try to spend as much time with her on Mother’s Day as possible. This is the true purpose of Mother’s Day. Ask any Grandma whether she’d like a $100 gift card, or an afternoon with her kids and grandkids, and they’ll pick the latter option every time!
  • Avoid gift cards to online-only retailers (and double check!) – When getting a gift card, you should make sure that it is not to an online-only retailer, or only usable online. Some online marketplaces that sell GAP gift cards or sell Apple Store gift cards, for example, may only have cards that can be redeemed online.

    It’s best to choose a gift card that can be redeemed physically, or both in-store and online. This gives Grandma more options, and can help avoid some frustration, especially if she is not very tech-savvy, and does not usually shop online.

With these tips, it will be easy for you to pick a gift card that’s right for Grandma, and make her Mother’s day truly special. Still need help picking out a gift card? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn about the best gift cards for Grandma in 2018!

The Best Gift Cards For Grandma – Get Inspired With Our Top 10 Picks!

Picking out the right gift cards for Grandma is not always an easy task. If you’re not sure where to get started, or don’t have any ideas of your own, we’re here to help. Take a look at our top 10 picks for gift cards for Grandma in 2018, and think about what may be right in your particular situation!

  • Spa gift cards – If you are looking for an opportunity to pamper Grandma, a gift card to a local spa, or a national chain of spas like Woodhouse Spas is a great idea. The best thing about a spa gift card is that it’s very flexible.

    Grandma can choose the type of service she wants – from massages, to manicures and pedicures, skincare treatments, and much more. By giving her a spa gift card, you know she will always get what she wants.

    This is an especially good idea if you have small children, and your parents are heavily involved in childcare. It lets Grandma get an escape, and have a relaxing afternoon to herself.
  • Pharmacy gift cards – It may not be the most exciting gift card in the world, but a gift card to a pharmacy like CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens is often a great gift for Grandma. She can use the card to buy groceries or other everyday essentials, and to fill prescriptions. In addition, because some stores offer loyalty programs for gift cards, she can save even more money on all of the things that she needs for her day-to-day life.
  • Department store and discount store gift cards – Getting Grandma a gift card to her favorite department store is a great way to thank her for everything she has done for you, and to show her how much she means to you. She can treat herself to a new dress, perfume, or anything else that catches her eye!

    Discount stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls are also good choices. At these discount stores, Grandma can stretch her dollar, and get more for her money.
  • “Big Box” store gift cards – A gift card to a “big box” store like Wal-Mart, Target, or Meijer will always be useful and appreciated. Grandma can use the gift card to buy just about anything. From shoes, to clothes, toys, personal care items, groceries, and more.

    Because there are so many choices, this is our top pick for a gift card if you don’t know what kind of gift card Grandma will like. It will never go to waste, and it will always be useful!
  • Shoe store gift cards – A gift card to a shoe store, especially a discount shoe store like Payless ShoeSource or Famous Footwear, is a great gift for Grandma. She can take her time and browse the selection, and get a new pair of shoes that are cute, comfortable, and reasonably priced!

    There’s nothing quite like the experience of shopping for shoes, so Grandma is sure to love this gift.
  • Gift cards to a favorite restaurant – If you know that Grandma has a favorite local restaurant, you can get her a gift card to that restaurant! For example, if she loves the food at the local Mexican chain, you can give her a gift card, and allow her to enjoy her next few nights out for free!

    If you’re not sure what restaurant to choose, a standby American chain such as Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Chili’s, or Cheesecake Factory is a good choice. These chains have hundreds of locations around the United States. With extensive menus and reasonable prices, they are a great choice if you need to get a restaurant gift card for Grandma.
  • Movie theater gift cards – People of all ages love seeing the most recent movies and releases. If your Grandma is a big fan of going to movie theaters, grab her a movie theater gift card to her favorite theater! Not sure which theater she likes? Find a few chains that are near her, such as AMC or Showcase Cinemas, and pick a gift card to one of them!

    You can even make the gift more special by dressing it up – you can put it in a theater popcorn bag, along with some 3D glasses, a personal note, and some bags of microwavable popcorn – and even a few DVDs or Blu-Rays of Grandma’s favorite films! If Grandma loves movies, this gift is sure to be a hit.
  • Bookstore gift cards – If Grandma is a big reader, a gift card to a bookstore such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or Half-Priced Books is a great idea. You can even consider getting her a gift card to an online bookseller like Amazon, as long as she is familiar with how to buy books on Amazon.

    Even a gift card for $50 can get Grandma quite a few books. Whether she loves detective novels, romances, or any other genre, she’ll be able to pick out new releases and classic novels from her favorite authors, and she’ll have plenty of reading material for the next few months!
  • Craft shop gift cards – Got a crafty Grandma who loves to sew, knit, or do other crafts and projects? A gift card to a craft shop such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, or a fabric store such as JOANN Fabrics is a great gift. Grandma can pick out materials and tools for her next project, and stock up on supplies for her favorite hobby.
  • Home goods gift cards – Gift cards to home goods stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bath & Body Works, or Cost Plus World Market are great gifts for Grandma. She can use these gift cards to get specialty bath and home products, new towels, drapes, and anything else that she needs for the home!

If you’ve been having trouble picking out the right gift card for Grandma, these suggestions are sure to help. Think about what Grandma might need (or ask Grandpa!) and pick out a gift card that she’s sure to love from these 10 categories.

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