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Whether you’re married, in a domestic partnership, or simply in a long-term relationship, anniversaries are very important events. It may seem silly, but marking the time that we’ve been with another person really does mean a lot, and an anniversary is the perfect time for partners to express their feelings to one another, and show each other how important the other is to their lives.

But anniversaries can often feel like quite a big responsibility. There is a lot of pressure involved with an anniversary – for both men and women. You don’t want to screw up your anniversary by buying the wrong gift, going out on a bad date, or (god forbid) forgetting about a crucial anniversary entirely!

Presents are a big part of this. Trying to choose the right present for your anniversary can sometimes be a bit stressful – which is the opposite of what you want when you’re about to share a special day with that special someone.

But we live in a material world. Regardless of whether or not you think giving a gift for your anniversary is important, it’s expected of you – and even though your partner may not say so, they expect you to give them a gift on your anniversary.

So what are the best gifts for anniversaries? Well, a well-chosen gift card is a fantastic choice! Shocked? Don’t be! Gift cards offer plenty of flexibility and spending power, and give you a thoughtful way to tell your partner “I know what you like”.

However, a gift card alone is not enough to make your important wedding or relationship anniversary go off without a hitch. Just like any other gift on an anniversary, you must choose your gift card carefully, present it appropriately, and make it special – so that the one you love feels cared for, appreciated, and loved.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of giving a gift card on your anniversary! Read on, and make sure your next anniversary is the best one you’ve had yet!

When Giving A Gift Card On Your Anniversary, DO:

  • Pick out an appropriate gift card – This should always be your first step when picking out a gift card for an anniversary, and if you’ve never given a gift card for a special occasion like an anniversary before, this step may be counter-intuitive.

    Basically, this is because general gift cards to stores like Amazon, Target, WalMart, and others are a great idea for most other occasions – for Christmas, birthdays, college graduations, and the like. This is because they offer tons of flexibility – they can be used on almost anything!

    However, this is the precise reason that general gift cards are a poor choice for your anniversary. Despite their utility, they often carry a bit of a stigma of thoughtlessness – they’re not “special” in the way that a more specific gift card would be.

    So don’t just choose any gift card. Choose a gift card that’s tailored to the interests of your partner. Does she love spa treatments? Get her a gift card to the local spa and salon, so she can pamper herself! Does he love stylish, upscale clothing? Get him a gift card to Express so that he can dress himself up – and look good for you!

    The more specific you are when choosing a gift card, the better. Your gift card should make it clear that you really did think about the needs and desires of your partner when selecting it – and this will make it very special.
  • Personalize the gift card – If you’re giving a gift card that’s an “open-loop” card from a large company like MasterCard or Visa, you may be able to customize it with your own images, designs, and messages – this is a great way to make your gift more special!

    However, you won’t be able to do this with most gift cards – you’ll just end up buying them off the rack at the store. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize them!

    One great way to do this is with a themed basket. You can build a much larger gift around the theme provided by the gift card. Did you get your wife a gift card for her favorite hair salon? Grab a basket, fill it up with designer hair products and accessories, and place the gift card in the middle!

    This can also be as simple as writing a quick note on the gift card holder, or writing out a personalized message on your anniversary card, and giving it alongside your gift – whatever makes the gift card feel more personal and special.
  • Go the extra mile, and make the day special – What do you think would be more special – handing your partner a gift card right before you dash off to work, or presenting them with the gift card, flowers, and chocolates after you make them breakfast in bed?

    breakfast in bed

    That’s what we thought. You could buy a $10,000 gift card – but if that’s all you get your partner for your anniversary, and you don’t make the day special, it will be a bad gift.

    Anniversaries are, at their core, about effort. You want to make it clear to your partner that you have put in the effort to make their day special – and they want to do the same for you!

    So make sure that you make the day special – no matter how great your presents are!  

    Take a day off of work and go for a picnic, or head back to the restaurant where you had your first date! Or just have breakfast in bed, and spend the whole day relaxing and watching Netflix on the couch – whatever is right for you!

    So think about your partner, and what you can do to make your anniversary special. At the end of the day, spending time with them is the true gift – it’s not about the chocolates, flowers, gift cards, or anything else!

  • Choose the right gift card value – As with many other gifts, it’s the thought that counts when choosing a gift card for an anniversary. However, anniversaries are special times – and even though most people won’t say it, they expect gifts of a certain value on special days like anniversaries.

    If you’re in a long-term relationship or married, you probably share quite a bit of financial information with your significant other, so you’ve probably already discussed a budget for your special day. But as a rule, you’re going to want to spend big – at least $100.

    The primary reason for this is that gift cards under $100 are quite common on other events throughout the year – birthdays, winter holidays, and the like. Choosing a slightly higher value card is a great way to set this occasion apart, and make it feel special.

    And though your significant other may not admit it, the value of a gift does matter, at least a little bit. Think about how they would react if you gave them $10 instead of $100 – they would pretend it didn’t matter, but they would probably be a bit disappointed by the low value of the gift.

    So it’s the thought that counts – but understand that the value of a gift card is part of the thought. If you consider your circumstances, how long you’ve been together, and your budget, we’re sure you’ll make the right choice!

When Giving A Gift Card On Your Anniversary, DON’T

  • Forget about the anniversary – We shouldn’t even have to write this – but we will!

    Seriously, NEVER forget about your anniversary. We know that life gets busy, and that things often come up that make you shift your priorities, but forgetting an anniversary is one of the single worst things you can do for your relationship – and no gift card will be enough to make up for forgetting an anniversary.

    Forgetting an anniversary is terrible because it shows your partner that they’re unimportant – whether by accident, or by choice, you’ve forgotten about one of the most important days in your relationship.

    Mark your anniversary on a calendar. Put a reminder in your phone. Ask your mom to call you a week before your anniversary – whatever you have to do to make sure you remember!
  • Choose a random gift card because it’s convenient – Maybe you have put off buying an anniversary gift, and you’re running out of time. You’re in line at the grocery store, and you see a $100 gift card to Best Buy. That’s good enough, right?

    It can be tempting to choose a random gift card just because it’s convenient – but this is a mistake. Instead, you should make a note of the things that your partner mentions in the weeks (or even months) leading up to your anniversary.

    Chances are that there’s an item they really want from a particular store – and getting them a gift card that lets them get that item is a great way to show that you listen to them, and pay attention to their needs. – and this is much better than simply grabbing a high dollar gift card from a grocery rack.
  • Expect the gift card to be enough on its own – As we mentioned above, anniversaries aren’t about gifts – not really. They’re about spending time together, and about showing your affection for one another. That’s why the entire day is important, and why no gift card will ever be a good enough present on its own – no matter how valuable it may be!
  • Wait until the last minute to put together your gift – Again, scrambling to put together a gift at the last minute is a sign of relationship neglect – that you knew the anniversary was coming, but couldn’t be bothered to make it special.

    And if your gift falls flat because you didn’t take the time to pick a great gift card or make the day special, your anniversary could be a total disaster.

    So prepare in advance, pick a great gift card, and think of great ways to make your anniversary special – don’t wait until it’s the day before your anniversary, and you’re out of options.
  • Be offended if it’s not the perfect gift – Gift cards may be an awesome gift – but they’re not always the right choice. If you give a gift card as a gift on your anniversary and your significant other isn’t totally over the moon about it, don’t be offended.

    Remember, it’s the thought that counts – and if you’ve provided your partner with an awesome anniversary experience, the gift card is only a small part of it.

Understand These Rules – And Make Sure Your Next Anniversary Is A Total Success!

These guidelines for giving gift cards on your anniversary should be very helpful indeed as you plan out the next milestone in your relationship. Just remember that it’s the thought that counts – not just for the gift card you choose, but for the entire day.

If your partner feels loved, appreciated, and cared for on your anniversary, it will be a success – no matter what gift card you buy!

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