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Target is one of America’s top retailers. When people see that famous red bullseye logo they know they can expect a wide selection of great items at awesome prices. From clothes, to electronics, to kitchen appliances, to groceries, and pretty much everything in between; there’s not much you can’t find at Target. That type of incredible selection is what makes Target consistently one of the top-earning companies in the world.

The huge popularity of target and its appeal to a wide range of demographics makes their gift cards one of the most commonly sought after gift cards on the resale market. We know that the gift card industry is growing every single year and we know that people love shopping at Target. That’s a perfect recipe for people who want to sell Target gift cards because they know that their gift cards will be in high demand on the unused gift card market.

One of the other great features about shopping at Target is the fact that they carry the latest items that people can’t wait to get their hands on. With fall release season right around the corner, there are plenty of great products coming to Target shelves that shoppers will be clamoring to purchase. Also, although you may not want to think about it, the holiday shopping season is nearly upon us. Target gift cards are going to only become more and more in-demand over the next few months. So, what amazing products are going to drive this popularity? Let’s take a look.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic

Remember the insane popularity of last year’s NES Classic? Nintendo is looking to build on that hype this fall with the release of the SNES Classic. This handy little gaming system helps people scratch their retro gaming itch by playing some of the most popular SNES titles from years past. The biggest question is whether or not Nintendo will be able to keep up with demand. The resale market for the NES Classic was an eBay seller’s dream. Low supply and high demand came together at once and, well, anyone who took an entry-level business course can explain what happened next. Prices took off while store shelves remained bare.

To their credit, Nintendo appears to be a little more prepared this year. They have announced that more supply will be available for the SNES Classic. However, no matter how many they make, it may be hard to meet demand. When Nintendo is able to pack so much fun into a product for just $79.99, people are going to buy it.

iPhone 8

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone model, people go wild. It’s not uncommon to see people camped outside Apple stores waiting for their chance to be the first to own the latest iPhone model. Target also sells mobile devices which makes them a smart place to look for the newest iPhone model while everyone else is setting up tents outside the Apple store.

This year is the 10th year anniversary of the original iPhone and, if the rumors are to be believed, Apple is pulling out all the stops to make this the biggest, most successful iPhone launch in history. The iPhone 8 looks like it could mark Apple’s new direction in smartphone design. People will be wowed by the nearly bezel-less display, beautiful OLED screen, and amazing new features. If you thought previous iPhone launches were crazy, just wait until this fall.
Gift Cards

The most incredible rumor about the iPhone 8 is the pricing. Some industry analysts have said that the new iPhone model could cost as much as $1,100 or more. That’s no small chunk of change and that’s where gift cards can be incredibly valuable. People may want to use gift cards to help fund the purchase of their new smartphone. We also know that gift cards are a great way to budget for big purchases. If you have an unused gift card and want to sell Target gift card in order to earn cold, hard cash, then the launch of expensive new products like the iPhone 8 should be music to your ears. Gift card buyers will be looking for deals on the gift card resale market that they can spend at Target in order to buy the products they really want. That presents a perfect opportunity for people with unused Target gift cards to use the demand of the market to their advantage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Since we’re on the topic of highly anticipated flagship smartphones; this would be a great time to mention the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Some people may be wary of Samsung after last year’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. However, you can bet that Samsung will pull out all the stops to make the Galaxy Note 8 launch a huge success. Not only that, but industry watchers expect Samsung to beat Apple to the market in the battle of the fall smartphone launches. Needless to say, this year will be one of the most exciting years in smartphone releases and shoppers will be weighing their options and comparing the competition.

No matter what smartphone they choose, you can bet Target will be there ready to sell them whatever they want. Of course, the upcoming smartphone launches don’t stop with just Apple and Samsung. Google, Nokia, and LG all have smartphones coming down the pipeline as well which will surely be more powerful and feature-filled than anything we have seen before. Hold on this fall, you’re likely going to be bombarded with smartphone commercials every time you turn on the TV.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life

Remember Hatchimals from last year? Parent’s searched high and low to find the popular toy for their children. Resellers made a pretty penny selling Hatchimals to desperate shoppers. It may be too early to predict what will be this year’s Hatchimals but an early candidate is Play-Doh. However, this isn’t the same Play-Doh that you know and love. Play-Doh has taken a huge leap forward with their new Touch Shape to Life product. Kids build characters using Play-Doh and their imagination. Then, they can scan their creation with the Touch Shape to Life app and bring their Play-Doh character to life with animations.

There’s still a few months for this holiday season’s hottest children’s toy to make a run at the title but Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life is off to a great start. Every single year there is a new toy that almost all kids put on their wishlist. This demand inevitably leads to low supply and parents searching high and low to secure the perfect gift for their child. Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life has that perfect combination of classic fun with modern features.

Barbie Hello Dream House

Just like Play-Doh, the Barbie Hello Dream House is a bit of a blast from the past. Barbie products have been among the most popular toys since the first Barbie was sold in the late 1950’s. However, this Barbie Hello Dream House is nothing like the Barbie Dream House of the past. The Barbie Hello Dream House connects to WiFi and some features can be voice activated. If you buy this for your child then you better not be the jealous type because Barbie will certainly have a nicer home than most people.

Play-Doh and Barbie… What’s old is new again. This appears to be one of the big trends in toys this fall. Toy manufacturers are reimagining and reinventing classic toys that many of us may have played with in our own childhood. Of course, your Barbie Dream House didn’t have WiFi and voice activated features.

New Fall Fashion

Target is more than your typical discount retailer. A lot of people know Target has great deals as well as great products. In fact, many people will jokingly pronounce “Target” with a classy French accent as a sort of nod to Target’s perceived higher quality products. The clothing section at Target is a hidden gem among value-minded clothing shoppers. Many great brands manufacture clothing for Target to sell under their own brand names. For example, a pair of jeans from Target may have been made by Levi’s. This combination of high quality items and great prices makes Target a popular place for people to shop for their fall wardrobe.

For women, this fall will be the season of retro plaid. That’s right! The shirt that used to look great in 1975 is once again considered one of the top trends for the fall. Of course, some brands will be selling their plaid clothing at prices that will make you want to faint. For those on a budget, Target is the place to go. It’s usually possible to find trendy clothing for the season at a reasonable price when you take the time to browse the Target clothing section.

This fall, men will be looking to get their hands on double-breasted jackets. Again, this is another trend ripped straight out of another generation. The boxy, buttoned look was popular in the 80’s and seems to be making a comeback. Some people may have held onto their old button down jacket but many of us would have dropped our old wardrobe off at the thrift store sometime around 1995. Top brands like Versace and Emporio Armani have double-breasted jackets coming to stores this fall. Of course, those jackets will cost a lot more than some of us want to spend on a single piece of clothing. Once again, Target could come to the rescue as a great retailer that offers the latest trends at affordable prices.

Deals That Hit The Bullseye

Target is incredibly popular for a reason. People trust the quality of products that Target sells and they love the deals that Target offers. Whether you’re looking for the latest electronics, smartphones, clothing, toys, or something else; Target will probably have it at a price that beats most other retailers. This is why Target is often the number one choice for shoppers when they’re looking to cross some items off their holiday shopping list or treat themselves to a new smartphone. Men, women, kids, and adults; there is no single person that isn’t served by the great selection at Target.

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