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For luxury clothing, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories, many people shop at Nordstrom first. The luxury department store does over $14 billion in sales every year. Needless to say, the retailer is incredibly popular among both brick and mortar as well as online shoppers. People want gift cards to shop at their favorite retailer which means Nordstrom is one of the most in-demand gift cards online and this is good news for those looking to sell Nordstrom gift cards.

Since Nordstrom has such a wide range of great products, there are plenty of reasons to choose to shop there. Nordstrom is famous for their great catalog which can be viewed in print form or online. Some of this year’s biggest trends appear in the Nordstrom catalog and people will look through the catalog for style and purchase inspiration. Let’s take a look at some of the most-wanted items in the Nordstrom catalog.

Marc Jacobs Biker Floral Print Backpack

Talk about adding style and substance! Marc Jacobs is a well-known luxury brand and this unique, colorful backpack is a Nordstrom exclusive. You can’t find this backpack at any other retailer. These kinds of exclusive items are common at Nordstrom. Brands have an incentive to partner with Nordstrom to offer unique products. For brands like Marc Jacobs, having your item available at Nordstrom can equal major exposure and sales. For Nordstrom, they get to show their customers what sets them apart from every other luxury department store.

This Marc Jacobs backpack is perfect for stylish commuters and fashion-forward students. This bag stands out and demands attention. It’s exactly the kind of product that people want to own. That’s great news if you want to sell Nordstrom gift cards that you don’t foresee using and still want to use the cash. Exclusive backpack plus Nordstrom gift card equals high demand.

Smythe Duchess Windowpane Linen Blazer

From a colorful, fun backpack to a stylish blazer fit for the workplace; Nordstrom has something for everyone! This blazer has a ton of vintage style packed into one product. Italian linen and leather elbow patches gives this blazer a very luxurious look while keeping it fun, fashionable, and trendy. The style of the blazer follows the trend many clothing manufacturers seem to be taking lately with a sort of retro/vintage style. Best of all, this Smythe blazer can work in any situation; from the important meeting to casual Friday.

Adidas Originals Trefoil Graphic Hoodie

Nordstrom isn’t just for the ladies. There are plenty of stylish items for guys as well. This classic Adidas hoodie is perfect for anyone whether they’re working out or just lounging around the house. Sometimes the simple things are the best, right. Nothing is more simple than a black hoodie featuring the timeless Adidas logo. Every guy should have at least one of these in their wardrobe.

If you are looking to sell a Nordstrom gift card and worried about whether it has enough demand in the unused gift cards market for it to be sold, then you’ll be happy to see that both men and women are served by the luxury department store. They have something for almost anyone which makes your Nordstrom gift cards more valuable to gift card buyers like EJ Gift Cards!

Burberry Sandringham Double Breasted Trench Coat

The kids are taken care of at Nordstrom, as well! In fact, Nordstrom is one of the most popular places to shop for children’s birthdays, baby showers, and holidays. One of the biggest appeals of shopping at Nordstrom for children is the wide range of options available. There are nice, affordable clothing items as well as high-fashion items like the Burberry Sandringham Double Breasted Trench Coat.

This is a great piece for children who may be attending an upscale event. Obviously this is probably not the kind of coat you would send the kids out to play in. The Burberry trench coat could also become a cherished hand-me-down item that makes its way through generations. Of course, some people may not be willing to put down that much money on a child’s coat upfront. Gift cards are a great way to help take the bite out of a big purchase.

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Starfish Blanket

Not only can you shop at Nordstrom for anyone but you can also shop for area of your home. Living room decor, bedroom accessories, and even bathroom decorations are all available. After all, a luxury department store should clothe you as well as decorate your home. Nordstrom has great accent pieces that can fit into any theme inside your home. This starfish blanket is the perfect addition to a beach house, or just for keeping near the couch on movie night. Nordstrom describes the item as “ultra-plush” which, in laymans terms, means “super comfy, cozy blanket that you’ll want near your side whenever you settle down for a nap.”

Frye Logan Leather Overnight Bag

Just another example of the wide range of great products people can shop for at Nordstrom. Whether you need clothes or something to hold you clothes on a short trip, they have you covered. This leather overnight bag begs the question: if you’re not traveling in style are you really traveling at all? Sometimes people don’t look forward to hopping on a plane. They have clearly never had an overnight bag this nice. It’s classy, stylish, and certainly an item that anyone with a fashion-forward mind will want to have in their closet.

The North Face Resolve Plus Waterproof Jacket

The North Face is one of the hottest brands in fashion. Go to any college campus and you will see numerous young women wearing North Face jackets and hoodies. Of course, the hottest brands are all at Nordstrom and The North Face is no different. This waterproof jacket with DryVent fabric is perfect for active women or just ladies who want to keep dry and look great. It doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, there’s something at Nordstrom for you. Traveler, workout enthusiast, both? No problem.

Gucci Pursuit 72 Slide Sandal

When you think of luxury brands, the name Gucci probably comes to mind pretty quickly. Gucci sandals have become popular among men with their rise in hip-hop culture. Without hip-hop artists promoting the brand, most men probably wouldn’t think too much about buying Gucci sandals. Now, however, the sandals are one of the most sought after fashion items for young men. Nordstrom caters to all markets, age groups, and demographics.

The wide range of people served by Nordstrom puts people who want to sell Nordstrom gift cards in a great spot. Since Nordstrom gift cards are in such high demand, places like EJ Gift Cards will offer great rates to purchase Nordstrom gift cards from people just like you who might have an extra gift card or two just collecting dust in a drawer at home.

Sam Edelman Penny Boot

With the fall season coming up quickly, every woman needs at least one pair of great boots. Nordstrom started as a shoe retailer so they know the best brands and styles that women are looking for. The Penny Boot from Sam Edelman is a perfect fall item that can pair with any outfit. They’re stylish and functional. When the weather turns nasty in the fall, ladies will be happy to a pair of these boots in their closet waiting to leap into action.

Magnanni Santiago Cap Toe Oxford Shoe

Just like every lady needs a nice pair of boots; every guy needs a stylish pair of shoes. They say you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. Looking at these shoes tell you the guy wearing them knows how to dress. Date night, big meetings, weddings, or just because; you don’t need a reason to look great. These shoes are handcrafted in Spain and there is an emphasis put on comfort and flexibility. That type of craftsmanship is what sets this pair of shoes from the discount shoes at other stores. Sure, those discount shoes might look okay but they won’t be as comfortable after a long day of walking around as these Cap Toe Oxford shoes.

Salt Water Sandals By Hoy

Of course, Nordstrom also has great footwear for the kids too. Now mom, dad, and baby can all look great from the toes up. This cute sandal is a perfect outfit addition for a young lady who wants a fashion-forward look. Best of all, these sandals are waterproof and lightweight so they’re perfect for active kids who don’t want to be slowed down by clunky footwear.

Shinola The Runwell Leather Strap Watch

No look is complete without a nice watch. Nordstrom has that as well! Being a luxury department store means many of the top watch brands can be found at Nordstrom. From classy leather watches to bold metal strap watches – whatever you style, you can find it. Nordstrom, of course, also carries women’s jewelry, children’s accessories, and other fashionable items like wallets, handbags, tie bars, and more.

Popular Store, Popular Gift Cards

Nordstrom carries such a wide range of products that appeal to almost anyone on any budget. Because of this, their gift cards are in high demand. After all, anyone can use a Nordstrom gift card to get what they want. That means if you want to sell Nordstrom gift cards, there are people that want to buy. EJ Gift Cards pays cash for highly popular gift cards like Nordstrom gift cards. This is the perfect solution for people who have gift cards sitting around their house, forgotten and unused. Those forgotten gift cards can be turned into cold, hard cash easily.

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