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Whether you’re a retailer that sells Nordstrom gift cards, a small businessperson who creates their own gift cards, or just a consumer who loves the convenience and flexibility of these little pieces of plastic, there’s a lot to love about gift cards!

Gift cards are the single most popular present in America – not just during the holiday season, but all year-round! Consumers benefit from a better way to purchase gifts, and retailers get an immediate sale that helps them make it through leaner times. It’s a win-win!

Gift cards are especially popular for marketing companies, advertising companies, and consumer research companies.  Over the last decade or so, quite a few companies have begun offering gift cards as a reward for consumers. Gift cards offer an ideal method for rewarding customers who consumers for participating in consumer research studies, shop at specific stores, watch advertisements, and more!

Today, it’s easier than ever to earn free gift cards online with these modern, app-based platforms. You can get gift cards from top retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target – and if you don’t need gift cards, you can sell Target gift cards for cash with EJ Gift Cards!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best apps for earning free gift cards online! Take a look, and start earning free money today.

1. Dabbl

Dabbl is one of the newest platforms for earning free gift cards. The idea behind Dabbl is that smartphone users can use their downtime to earn money by interacting with brands – taking surveys, watching videos, and performing other simple tasks.

For example, one of the example tasks on Dabbl has users answering basic questions about a brand – Oreo, for example. You’ll answer questions about how you feel about Oreo, your habits when it comes to purchasing cookies, and other such basic information.

After you complete one of these surveys, you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Each survey usually takes around 30 seconds to complete, and will earn you an average of 25-50 cents, according to the CEO of Dabbl. However, the pricing model is still under review, so compensation may change in the future.

You must also earn at least $10 before cashing out your gift cards, so you’ll need to complete a few different tasks before you’ll be able to redeem your balance.

Gift cards can be redeemed at major shopping establishments such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Best Buy, and even T.J. Maxx, as well as entertainment venues like AMC Theaters.

Currently, Dabbl is available only on Android and the web – but the company is announcing iOS support in the very near future.

2. CoSign

CoSign is a great app for anyone who is a big social media power user, and loves electronics, fashion, cooking, or other niche hobbies. CoSign is essentially a way that you can monetize your existing photos that you upload to social media. You can turn your pictures into cash!

All you have to do is use CoSign to tag images that you upload to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr.  You just add information such as the brand of the item, the price, and where you bought it – and when your followers buy items that you post on your social media profiles, you’ll earn a commission.

This commission can be up to 35% of the product’s price, depending on the niche – which means CoSign can be very lucrative for pricier items.

If you already have a large social media following, CoSign is a great way to cash in, and get gift cards. You can get gift cards to stores such as the GAP, and you can sell GAP gift cards on EJ Gift Cards to turn your gift cards into cash! Alternatively, you can opt to be paid via check or PayPal.

You’ll need to earn $40 before you can cash out using CoSign, and it’s available for both iOS and Android.

3. Fronto

Fronto is as simple as it is easy-to-use. This Android-only application allows you to display breaking news, ads, coupons, and special deals on the lock screen of your Android device. You earn Fronto “points” for viewing these ads and interacting with them. And by taking actions such as redeeming a particular coupon or another special offer, you can earn occasional “bonus points” that let you boost your earnings.

The earnings that Fronto provides you aren’t very high. Typically, you’ll get just a few cents per ad that’s displayed, though some advertisements can reward you with up to $2 worth of points.

However, you don’t really even have to do anything to benefit from Fronto. Merely having it installed will allow you to rack up points passively, and after a while, you’ll be able to redeem these points for gift cards.

You can get paid via Amazon gift cards, or through PayPal. The choice is yours. You will need to earn $10 before you can cashout your earnings, though.

There is one drawback of Fronto – it will use up more battery life and internet bandwidth on your smartphone, because it regularly accesses your cellular network to display new ads. If you can’t keep your phone charged all day, or don’t have access to a WiFi network, this may be a concern.

But if you have unlimited data or a WiFi network and plenty of battery life, Fronto is definitely worth installing to get free gift cards.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks lets you earn points by doing basically anything. You can be rewarded for doing most of the things that you normally do online – searching, shopping, taking surveys, watching videos and ads, and even playing games.

You can use Swagbucks Mobile to earn points on the go, or use the web-based application to earn cash on your desktop or laptop computer – it’s up to you. Each activity earns you anywhere from $0.01-$0.36. Easier activities like simply watching a video advertisement will earn you less, while completing in-depth customer surveys and other such activities will earn you more points.

The biggest drawback of Swagbucks is that the variety of different activities you can do can make it a bit overwhelming – you can easily spend quite a long time on Swagbucks without earning a ton of money, just because it’s so easy to use.

We recommend simply using Swagbucks as part of your normal daily routine, instead of exclusively using it as a way to earn money – this way, your points will add up over the days you use it, and you won’t have to spend too much time on the app.

You only need to earn $3 before you can cashout your earnings, which is lower than most other services on our list. You can get paid in Target, Walmart, Amazon or Starbucks gift cards and more, as well as directly through PayPal.

5. Perk

Perk is pretty similar to Swagbucks. By taking quizzes and surveys, playing games, and watching video ads, you can earn points towards gift cards. However, unlike Swagbucks, each different feature has its own app – so it can be confusing to use.

The best Perk app is Perk TV. With Perk TV, you can get reward points for watching videos and advertisements. Though this does not earn you very much money – only about $0.001-$0.003 per video – you can run Perk TV on your phone without interacting with it, and leave it to “autoplay” videos while you take care of other matters.

This makes it one of the lowest-effort apps on our list – and if you use Perk regularly, you can earn some serious cash over a couple of weeks, without having to lift a finger. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

Of course, running Perk TV on your phone will use up some bandwidth and battery power, so we recommend doing so only when you are on a WiFi network.

You can earn gift cards from Starbucks, Target, and other major retailers, or get paid via PayPal, and you’ll need to earn $5 worth of rewards points before you can cashout your earnings.

6. Lucktastic

If you love playing luck-based games such as the lottery, Lucktastic is definitely worth trying. This free app lets you play games that are very similar to scratch-off lotteries – and every day that you log in and watch advertisements, you’ll get a new set of tickets that you can “scratch off”.

Each of these tickets will reward you with between 5-10 points – correlating to $0.005-$0.01 per ticket that you scratch. You can turn this balance into gift cards eventually. The biggest draw of this app is that, like the lottery, there’s a chance that you can win a larger prize instantly. Cash prizes of up to $10,000 are offered – and while they are very rare indeed, there’s always a chance that you’ll be the lucky one!

Scratching off your tickets each day takes only a few minutes. Though the earnings are quite small, they add up over time, and because it’s free to try Lucktastic, there’s really no reason not to.

You can redeem your points for gift cards from GAP, Amazon, eBay, iTunes, and the Apple Store, among dozens of other retailers. You can also get paid through check – but it’s usually faster and easier to just get a gift card, and sell Apple Store gift cards or other gift cards online for cash.

7. Shopkick

Shopkick is great if you’re a regular shopper, and spend quite a bit of time visiting different stores. You can earn rewards for simply visiting brick-and-mortar stores, and you can also earn money by browsing items, scanning their barcodes, and buying certain items.

The offers available on Shopkick change all the time, so you’re sure to find a few that fit into your normal shopping routine. You can also enjoy special discounts and benefits at certain retailers – along with the gift card rewards points that you’ll earn when visiting these establishments and purchasing items.

It will take a bit of effort to get used to using Shopkick. But once you do, it integrates seamlessly into your life – and you can always keep an eye on the app to see what stores are going to give you rewards, before you head out to shop.

This extra effort is rewarded handsomely. You’ll earn anywhere between $0.25-$1.50 for visiting stores, scanning particular products, or purchasing items. You’ll need to earn $2 before you can cashout your reward earnings, so you don’t have to commit to using Shopkick for the long-term if you don’t want to.

You are paid exclusively in gift cards, but Shopkick offers high-value, useful gift cards to stores like Starbucks, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. If you really need cash, you can sell a Target gift card online with EJ Gift Cards, for example, and turn your gift cards into cash!

Shopkick is available on both iOS and Android, so you can benefit from this helpful service no matter what type of smartphone you have.

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While some of these services offer cash payment through PayPal or via check, gift cards are usually the fastest and easiest ways to get paid. This is great if you shop regularly at major retailers like Target – but if you need quick cash, it may not be ideal.

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