The Top Fall Trends You Can Find At GAP | EJ Gift Cards

Fall is one of the biggest seasons in the fashion industry. The weather starts to cool down and people rush out to buy clothes that will keep them warm and help them look great. GAP has always been known as the kind of store you can visit to buy everything from the latest trends to a basic pair of jeans.

A lot of people have GAP gift cards lying around their homes; left over from a previous birthday or holiday gift. If you’re not the kind of person that upgrades their wardrobe every fall then the gift card may not be of use to you. However, there are plenty of people who do like to add some new items to their closet once the fall weather hits. EJ Gift Cards buys popular gift cards usable at stores like GAP. If you have no plans to use your gift card, you can sell a GAP gift card and turn it into cold hard cash.

Still not sure if you want to take the plunge and sell your GAP gift card? Here are some of the top fall trends that will be on store shelves this year. Take a look and decide if you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion or if you would rather have some cash in hand.

Denim Jackets

GAP is known for their denim. With denim jackets coming back into style, GAP will be the go-to place for a lot of people who are looking to get their hands on a stylish denim jacket. Of course, like many trends, the denim jacket seems to come and go throughout the years. You may even still have one in your closet from the last time they were popular!

Some fall trends are only for men or only for women. Denim jackets don’t discriminate based on gender. This fall fashion trend is for everyone. Combine the denim jacket with your favorite pair of jeans you have what is affectionately known as a “Canadian Tuxedo.” In the past, that wasn’t something to be proud of but things have changed. Now, the Canadian Tuxedo is back in a big way!

Of course, denim from head to toe may not be your style. Don’t worry – there are plenty of other fall trends to fill your closet with.

Floral Patterns

This trend is also for both men and women. Floral patterned clothes are coming back into style. We haven’t seen floral patterns this popular since the original “Hawaii Five O.” However, not any floral pattern will do. This fall, people are going to be rocking the dark floral clothing pieces. Black shirts accented with bold colors like pink flowers. For men, a fun button down shirt is likely where this trend starts and ends. Women will have many more options.

Some of the biggest fashion runways in the world have been showing off floral dresses, floral jumpsuits, matching floral pants and shirts, and of course, just the classic floral shirt. If you want to embrace the 70’s, free-spirit kind of look then this fall is your best opportunity until time machines are invented that can take you back to the 70’s. If you’re looking for a professional look, don’t discount the floral trend, either. A dark floral shirt can look good in an office that appreciates a professional, fashion-forward look.

Patchwork Clothing

This one is more for the ladies but don’t be surprised if you see some items for the guys as well this fall. Patchwork clothing is a huge hit among designers this year. The clothes look exactly like you are probably imagining in your head. Different colors and fabrics, stitched together in a patchwork style. However, this isn’t like grandma’s old quilt – the fabrics and patterns all work together to create an eye-popping, unique piece of clothing.

Everything from a simple shirt to a full outfit can be found in a patchwork style. However, unlike floral patterns, there probably isn’t a way to incorporate patchwork into your professional attire unless your boss is a very fashion-forward kind of person. It’s more likely you will see more casual patchwork clothes this fall.

If you’re a master of the sewing machine then you’re probably thinking, “I can make my own patchwork clothes!” Perfect! Make your own, save a trip to the mall, and put cash in your hand by choosing to sell a GAP gift card. Fall fashion isn’t for everyone and some people value money over trends that may or may not last. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Everyone loves plaid! In fact, this humble writer may not have been aware that plaid ever went out of style… But that’s not the point. Plaid is back this fall for both men and women! More specifically, neutral plaid colors are what will be hitting store shelves. You are likely to see a lot of greys and browns with plaid patterns this fall. Everything from jackets, to pants, to sweaters, and everything else you can put on before you leave the house. One of the big advantages of plaid is that it never really fully goes out of style. Plaid always has a place in the fashion world and a nice plaid jacket this fall should still look great next fall when everyone has moved onto the next thing.

Of course, many people will still have a lot of plaid items in their closet from previous years and adding more may not be necessary. The people who have to buy the latest and greatest things will want to shop until they drop but many will simply skips this year’s take on plaid. If you’re one of those people that doesn’t need another plaid jacket then you can sell a GAP gift card to EJ Gift Cards and put cash in your hand. Cash that can be used anywhere on anything.

Knitted Clothes

knitted clothes

Finally! All those knitted sweaters that grandma made have a purpose! Knitted clothes are in-style this fall and stores like the GAP will be offering everything from simple knitted sweaters to more fashion-forward items like ponchos. It’s no wonder knitted clothes are coming back into style for fall. Just looking at them makes you feel warm and cozy. Plus, knitted clothes look rustic and fun. They can be layered for a professional environment or just worn as a comfy, casual piece of clothing for lounging around the house.

The best thing about knitted clothes? You can save money by having someone knit you one! Just call up your grandma or your aunt and ask them to knit you a nice sweater. First, they will be happy you called (seriously, call your family every once in awhile). Second, they probably already have a sweater for you ready to go because, if we know anything about people that knit, they are always making extra sweaters for family members. This year, that sweater won’t go to the back of your closet. It will be your favorite piece of clothing!


There seems to be a theme brewing for fall 2017 fashion trends… Everything is very vintage-feeling. Fringe is no exception. Fringe jackets, shirts, and dresses will all be among the most-popular items this fall. Of course, you probably won’t see many fringe outfits in the boardroom. You also have to wonder how long a trend like fringe will last. If it was truly amazing then it never would have gone out of style in 70’s.

Again, there will be some people that resist the fringe trend but there will also be a large number of people who need to own the latest, greatest thing that the fashion world has to offer. If you really want a fringe item without paying the fall fashion price tags; check out your local thrift store.

Men’s Peacoats

Peacoats are back as well this fall! The classic jacket style seems to enjoy a bit of a moment every few years. The best thing about peacoats is that they can used in almost every outfit. A night out for dinner with friends? Check. Wearing to the office? Check. You can dress up or dress down a peacoat as you deem necessary. Plus, even in years when peacoats aren’t the hottest trend; they still look great! A peacoat is something you can wear year after year without looking like you’re a time traveller from the past.

Fashion Forward or Cash in Hand?

Like we said; there are plenty of people who don’t see the need to stay on top of every seasonal trend. There’s nothing wrong with that and, in fact, it could amount to some money in your pocket. EJ Gift Cards buys popular gift cards from people just like you. If you want to sell a GAP gift card then EJ Gift Cards will give you a great offer for your gift card and send you cash directly to your Paypal account to spend on whatever you want.

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Some people need to be on top of the latest trends while some people want cash in hand. If you have a gift card just lying around and collecting dust then you can sell your GAP gift card and get cold hard cash in return. Once again, there’s no obligation and no cost to find out what your gift card is worth. So what are you waiting for? Turn your old, unwanted gift cards into cash that you can spend on something you really want.