The Top Launches Coming From Apple This Fall | EJ Gift Cards

With the holiday shopping season coming up you can be sure Apple has a few products coming down the pipeline. Fall launch season is one of the biggest times of year for the tech company and this year could be one of their most exciting launch seasons yet. It’s a good time to own an Apple Store gift card.

Of course, for everyone who is clamoring to buy the hot new Apple product, there is someone else who isn’t madly in love with whatever new thing Apple has on store shelves. If you’re one of those people then, instead of spending your gift card, you may want to sell an Apple Store gift card and get cash in your pocket. EJ Gifts Cards knows that there will be people literally lined up and waiting for this fall’s new Apple products so they are willing pay top dollar for your unused Apple Store gift cards. Are you wondering why Apple Store gift cards are in such high demand right now? Take a look at some of the top product launches coming from Apple this fall.

iPhone 8

This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone. To celebrate, Apple will be pulling out all the stops. This year’s iPhone launch marks the biggest design change for Apple in the history of the iPhone lineup. The iPhone 8 promises to be a bold new direction for Apple as they mark 10 years of making the smartphone that changed the industry. So, what’s so exciting about the iPhone 8?

First, the display promises to be unlike anything you have seen in an iPhone. In the iPhone 8, Apple is rumored to be moving ahead with a nearly bezel-less display. This means their big, beautiful new display design will stretch from edge to edge. This is also the first device where Apple will use an OLED display. OLED displays offer better color display and performance over LCD displays. The result is going to be the most stunning iPhone you have ever laid eyes on.

To make room for that new OLED display, Apple is getting rid of the home button. This will allow for a very sleek design but it does mean that TouchID has to move. It’s not clear what Apple plans to do with TouchID. Some rumors have suggested that the company plans on embedding the TouchID sensor underneath that new OLED display. However, it’s much more likely that TouchID becomes a part of the lock/power button on the right-hand side of the device. Of course, looks aren’t everything. What kind of new features can we expect from the iPhone 8?

3D face scanning is one of the most talked about features in the iPhone 8. Rumor has it that Apple has included an infrared camera that is able to scan a user’s face and perform the same security tasks that TouchID has been able to do in previous models. So, if the rumors are true, users will be able to unlock their phone, access secure apps, and authorize Apple Pay purchases all by simply scanning their face. Pretty amazing, right?

The features don’t stop there. Apple is making a big move in the augmented reality (AR) space. Tim Cook even mentioned AR in the company’s latest earnings call. The iPhone 8 will have a new dual camera sensor designed to be used for AR applications. Apple wants to be the number one player in augmented reality and the iPhone 8 is likely going to be the tool they use to accomplish that goal. Who knows what kind of incredible AR features we could see but one thing is for sure; it’s going to be exciting!

Some industry analysts expect this new iPhone 8 to cost more than $1,100. That’s a pretty penny for a new smartphone. Many iPhone 8 buyers will be looking for Apple Store gift cards. That means there is high demand for your gift cards that are just sitting around your house collecting dust. You can sell Apple Store gift cards for cold hard cash and help someone get their dream device at the same time!


First there was Amazon Echo. Then there was Google Home. Now Apple is getting into the smart speaker world with their own product: the HomePod. This sleek, Siri-powered speaker is expected to launch in December – just in time for the holidays. This voice activate speaker promises to be one of the best sounding devices on the market and music lovers will be clamoring to get one set up in their home. There will be a 4-inch woofer inside along with 7 tweeters. The result is a powerful speaker that can fill any room in your home with amazing-sounding music.

Of course, these smart speakers are so much more than just a simple speaker. The HomePod will be powered by everyone’s favorite voice assistant, Siri. With 6 microphones listening for your voice, the HomePod is ready to become your in-home personal assistant. For example, you will be able to ask questions about the band that is currently playing. Even specific questions like what the drummer’s name is will be able to be handled by the HomePod. Of course, that’s just the beginning. HomePod will be able to read you the day’s weather forecast, allow you to control HomeKit compatible devices with your voice, and even give you the ability to dictate and send an iMessage. Welcome to the future!

Apple’s first smart speaker will set buyers back $349 which is significantly more than Google Home or Amazon Echo. Of course, having all Apple services integrated into one awesome speaker will be worth it for some people. With the launch of HomePod expected in December; you can bet a lot of people will have the hot new device listed on their holiday wish list.

New Apple TV

The Apple TV has been one of the most-popular set top boxes for people who want to stream movies, TV shows, and music – all on one device. However, one of the major shortfalls of the Apple TV has been its inability to play 4K content. Some leaks suggest that may change sometime this fall. Apple has reportedly been working on refreshing their Apple TV which will be able to play 4K content on new, compatible televisions.

This feature picked up steam when Apple began offering 4K content in the iTunes store. The existing Apple TV is unable to play to content at such a high resolution which indicates that something new may be in the works. Netflix has been offering 4K content for quite some time which has lead people to choose other 4K media boxes like the Xiaomi MiBox. You can bet that Apple will have something in store to help make their Apple TV competitive with other media boxes on the market and that new Apple TV could be here as early as this fall. Again – just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch is by far the most popular smartwatch on the market. Apple will be looking to capitalize on that popularity this fall with the 3rd generation Apple Watch. Everyone’s favorite smartwatch will be getting a major update that should make it a powerful device everyone wants to be wearing.

First, the Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be thinner and lighter than its predecessors. This should be welcome news for runners and fitness geeks. Plus, there is talk the the Apple Watch will get 4G LTE connectivity. Again, this should be fantastic news for runners. Previous versions of the Apple Watch have had to be connected to an iPhone in order to send and receive data. Now, with cellular network connectivity, runners will be able to leave their iPhone at home and use their Apple Watch as a standalone device to track their run and even send texts.

A lot of rumors around the Apple Watch have also focused on smart bands. Some industry analysts believe that Apple could offer modular smart bands for the Apple Watch Series 3 that helps improve the performance of the watch. For example, one smart band could act as an additional battery for the Apple Watch. With this smart band you could run farther and longer without having to worry about running out of battery. It definitely looks like Apple is catering to the health and fitness market with some of the big changes rumored to be coming to the Apple Watch Series 3.

Big Demand For Big Launches

There seems to be plenty of hype for Apple product launches every single year. This year feels like it could be one of the biggest launch seasons ever for Apple. With the 10th anniversary of the iPhone upon us, Apple will likely pull out all the stops to ensure that this year is one for the history books. The iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, HomePod, and Apple TV are all going to be among the hottest, most in-demand tech products this year. That means that people are going to want to have Apple Store gift cards in hand when they go shopping.

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