What to Do with Unwanted Gift Cards | EJ Gift Cards

After the holidays, people everywhere have unwanted gift cards they’re not sure how to get rid of. Some of these cards were received as gifts or stocking stuffers, while others might have been part of an employee holiday package or gift basket. Whatever the case may be, a gift card that won’t get used is just another piece of clutter in your life that you don’t want or need.

With this in mind, read on to learn more about what to do with unwanted gift cards in the New Year.

Unwanted Gift Cards? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

If you have unwanted gift cards, get rid of them with these simple tricks:

Re-gift the gift card

One great option is simply to re-gift the gift card to someone who would want, need, or use it more than you would. This simple, low-impact and generous approach allows you to get rid of the card without going to the trouble of selling it or trading it, all while rewarding someone you love and encouraging them to take advantage of a gift card you’ll never use.

Shred the card

Don’t know anyone who wants the card but don’t want to sell it or trade it yourself? You could simply shred the card. While this wastes the money on the card and makes it impossible to redeem, it’s a simple way to get rid of an unwanted card and prevent it from adding to your clutter or mess in the coming year.

Sell the card for cash

While few people realize it’s an option, selling gift cards for cash is an effective way to get rid of them while also earning some money on the side. Legal, fast, and simple, selling gift cards for cash serves a few important purposes. For one, it prevents the value on the card from going unused (and thus prevents you from contributing to the millions of dollars in unclaimed gift card funds every year).

It also allows you to swap out the face value of the gift card – which you won’t use – for cash, which you will. This is a smart trade in all respects and is a smart personal and professional move.

Use the card to buy gifts for friends and family members

If you have a gift card that you won’t use, consider using its balance to purchase gifts for your friends or family members during special events like birthdays and holidays.

Without the help of a gift card, these events can get expensive, and the financial burden can feel crushing. Fortunately, using your gift card for this purpose can not only offset the cost of purchasing gifts for these people but allow you to plan in advance, as well.

Unwanted Gift Cards:  A Good Problem to Have

While unwanted gift cards can feel like a pain, it’s a good problem to have. Here’s why: when you have gift cards you don’t want, you have options. You can sell them, trade them, use them to purchase goods for loved ones, or even toss them out.

Even though these things require some thought and dedication, having choices is a fantastic thing and deciding what to do with your unwanted gift cards is a very personal preference.

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