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We Change Gift Cards To Cash

You have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket, but you don’t want anything from the store.
It’s nobody’s birthday any time soon either. You’re just stuck with it.
You’d prefer to have the money, rather than just spend it.
That would just be a waste.
But what else can you do?
What about if you could sell it to someone that wanted it.
And they would pay you in BTC or cash for it.
What about if that someone was us?

How It Works

Get started with only 2 Things!

Company Name on Gift card

Amount on Gift card


Enter Details

Tell us where the gift card is from and how much money is available.


Instant Offer

You will be given an instant offer.


Time To Get Paid

Once approved, we'll pay you on the agreed upon date!

Who Are We?

Hey, I’m Elliot Founder of EJ Giftcards

Every Birthday and Christmas I would get given endless amounts of coupons. For things like new music, clothes and even food. Usually they would just expire or I would just make dumb purchases. One time I ended up with a new toolset. 2 years later it’s still in the same place!

That’s why I decided to start EJ Giftcards. I wanted to give people a way to easily sell their unwanted gift cards for Bitcoin (BTC) or cash.
We also use live price checking to give our customers the best prices possible and most importantly we payout instantly.
See what you can get for yours!


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