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Amazon: it’s “The Everything Store.” The one place you can buy electronics, cat litter, clothing, food, cards, office supplies, ski equipment, and jewelry all at once, Amazon stands out as one modern retailer who has truly set the bar for all others.

If you’ve recently received an Amazon gift card as a present or reward, you might be wondering why you should sell it. Today, though, there are dozens of great reasons to sell an Amazon gift card, including the fact that it can put some cash in your pocket.

Here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Gift Cards: Some of the Most Valuable Cards Available

In the world of gift card value, Amazon cards are at or near the top. Because Amazon is a highly versatile retailer with something to offer virtually everyone, gift cards from this merchant fetch top-shelf retail prices. What’s more, Amazon gift cards are simple to use.

Since Amazon is an online company, consumers never have to worry about not having an Amazon location near them or being unable to get out to the store.

As long as you have a computer, tablet, or phone and an internet connection, you can use an Amazon gift card. This is just part of what makes these nifty little cards so in-demand!

Why Should You Sell an Amazon Gift Card?

Still not convinced you should sell your gift card? Here are five smart reasons to jump in:

1. You’ll receive cash in return

Companies like EJ Gift Cards, which buy gift cards, pay top-dollar for Amazon gift cards, and you’re likely to get an excellent offer for your card.

Keep in mind that, while each merchant provides a different dollar amount for Amazon gift cards, these cards are more likely than, say, an Outback Steak House gift card to fetch a high resale price.

This is ideal for anyone who needs some extra cash on hand for savings or expenditures, or only wants to swap out a card they won’t use for cash they will!

2. It’s easy

Selling an Amazon gift card is a simple process, and you can be in, out, and on with your life in just a few minutes. When you use an online retailer like EJ Gift Cards, you’ll have access to a safe, simple, streamlined system designed with your convenience in mind.

Simply punch in your card’s dollar amount, input its pin, select “Amazon” from the list of merchants at the top of the page, and get an immediate quote for the value of your card.

Faster than waiting in line for a coffee, this process won’t make you go gray and won’t take up unnecessary time in your day-to-day life.

3. It’s exciting

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a wad of cash to spend however you want, and choosing to sell an Amazon gift card is an excellent way to satisfy that thrill. Regardless of whether you’re an old pro with gift card sales or you’ve never done it before, selling an Amazon gift card is a fantastic way to do something fun, exciting, and new, and gain something in the process.

4. You can get another gift card in return

Don’t need the cash right now? No problem – opt to trade your gift card, instead, and get another, more relevant card in return. Say you’ve wanted something at Macy’s for years. Well, trading your Amazon gift card is a great way to get a Macy’s card instead, and go pick up whatever you’ve been lusting after. Remember, gift cards are valuable items and trading them is a great way to swap one you won’t use for one you will.

5. You can involve your friends in the process

So many people have gift cards they don’t want. If you and your best friends all have unwanted Amazon gift cards, help them learn how to sell them online. Once you’ve done this, you can all pool the funds and use them for something exciting – like a pizza night or a weekend away. By turning Amazon gift cards into cash, you can live a happier, better life starting today!

Sell Your Amazon Gift Card Now

If you have an Amazon gift card you don’t want or won’t use, sell it online. It’s a simple process that gives you money to spend however you want and allows someone else to enjoy the Amazon gift card you don’t need!

Contact EJ Gift Cards today to learn more about how to sell an Amazon gift card.